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Your cadet is attending one of the finest institutions in the country. They, and you, are embarking upon an exciting adventure here at the Air Force Academy. This institution will offer up the most difficult challenges of any school in the nation—and we have every confidence that our Cadets are up to the task. The Association of Graduates will be with them and with you every step of the way. You are now about to become a part of the AOG family by joining the rich heritage of the Long Blue Line. 
The road ahead will not be easy, but your cadet will not have to face these challenges alone. Through our Class Club membership, you and your entire family will have the opportunity to share the Academy experience with them.
From the moment your appointee sets foot on the Academy, we take you behind the scenes, giving you access to everything from Basic Cadet Training, to graduation week. For the next 4 years, we’ll help you understand and appreciate the Core Values which form the moral foundation of these future Air Force leaders.
Class Club brings the action directly to you. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to keep you and your entire family up to date with what your cadet is doing here at the Academy.
The next generation of Air Force officers is about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. And through the AOG’s Class Club membership, you’ll be with them every step of the way.
We are proud to welcome you and your entire family to the Association of Graduates and through the Class Club Membership, you will become a part of a rich Air Force Academy tradition.
Class Club members will enjoy several  benefits including: 

  • WebGuy Coverage  
    • Access for 4 years 
    • 6 weeks of BCT Coverage
    • Acceptance Parade
    • Recognition
    • Exemplar Dinner and Ceremony
    • Commitment Dinner and Ceremony
    • Ring Dining Out and Ceremony
    • 100th Night and First Air Force Assignments
    • Graduation Week
    • ….and everything in between

           You will also have Access to:

    • Daily Blogs 
    • Free Downloads of videos and pictures  
    • Parent Forums  




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