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Congratulations Class of 2015!

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!  Well Done!
I'm back from Graduation!  There are another 1100 photos up in the Graduation gallery located on the Class of 2015 Page.  Today was a first for WebGuy.  We were able to shoot from the stadium floor at Graduation.  This is a big thrill for us. I tried to capture the day.  I also tried to capture as many of the the graduates as they saluted from the stage as I could.  I have to tell you that I wasn't able to get everyone, some of the photos just didn't come well.  Working with a long lens is a little tricky, but there are some pretty cool shots all the same.   If you don't see your graduate, never fear.  Life Touch Photographers were in the front row and they got everyone.  You will have the opportunity to buy those from them.
Below are a few of my favorite photos from today.  I hope you enjoy them.   For the WebGuy team, there is no rest.  We start shooting the upper class summer airfield programs on Monday, so be sure and check back in for that coverage.  We are still working on getting some access to ESET, so stay tuned for more details about that.  We will definitely NOT be out in the field with the Cadets, but we are hoping to cover some aspects.
If you are a Class of 2019 Appointee family, your class page will appear here shortly as we run up to I-Day.  It's going to be a busy summer!  In the meantime, congratulations to the Class of 2015!  We expect great things from you!

The Grad Parade Summed Up!

Well Folks, it's now about 9:30pm here in Colorado Springs.  It was an awesome day.  The weather cooperated.  By now we have over 1000 new Air Force 2nd Lieutenants.  I have to be at the stadium at 6:00am to get my media pass (yes Uncle WebGuy is moving into the big time!) in order to be in place to cover Graduation.  I am bringing a very big fancy lens just for the occasion.  That being said, I am going to keep this blog tonight short, but I promise to fill you in on today more properly after I get back from Graduation tomorrow.  WebDoc should have the parade video ready by then as well.


So here is the day summed up.  It started like this...



and ended like this!...



In between we took 3985 photos of everthing that happened plus the video below.  The photos are all in the Graduation gallery located on the Class of 2015 page.  More to come tomorrow!  Enjoy the video!



2015 Merchandise

Graduation Parade

Hello All! 

We are back from the Graduation Parade.  Processing the photos and video now, but have to leave to go to Commissioning.  WebDoc is working on the parade video and I have uploaded the first 500 photos to the Graduation Gallery located on the Class of 2015 page.  There a lot more to come, but it will be later tonight, so check back.


Airfield Open House

I dropped by the USAFA Airfield Open House this afternoon.  It was great to see so many families.  Thanks to all for your kind words about WebGuy.  We try really hard and are always glad to hear that our efforts are appreciated.  The photos are up in the Airmanship gallery starting on page 52.  Here a few of my favorites from the afternoon.

Tomorrow is the Graduation Parade.  The Thunderbirds were up practicing.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. 


Blue Suit Ceremony

Hello All!
Well Grad Week 2015 is definitely here.  I wanted to tell you what WebGuy will be covering this week since we will not be able to cover everything.   First up yesterday was the Wings of Blue Parachute Team - Blue Suit Ceremony.  This is where the Wings of Green (the cadets who have been selected and are training to become members of the Wings of Blue) are promoted and receive their trademark blue jumpsuits.  The photos are up in the Airmanship Gallery.  Congratulations!

Next up this afternoon is the Airfield Open House.  There will be some static displays. We will drop by and get photos. 
Tomorrow morning is the Graduation Parade & Change of the Class Crest in the morning.  We will have full coverage.   Alas we will NOT be able to cover  the commissioning ceremonies.  They are too spread out and in two short a time period.  It just didn't seem fair to cover some, but not all.  
Thursday is Graduation.  We will have limited coverage of the actual ceremony, but for those of you who can't be here and want to see it, the Pentagon Channel will webcast and broadcast the ceremony. Make sure to check your local broadcast or cable listings for info on the Pentagon Channel. You can also view the ceremony on their website at http://www.pentagonchannel.mil. Some local television stations may also broadcast the ceremony.
Check back for all the photos!

Ring Dance Speaker

The class of 2016 had the pleasure of having General Jack Briggs, Director of Operations for U.S. Northern Command, be the head speaker for Ring Dance. He left them with many words of wisdom as they enter into the final chapter of their Cadet Career. Take a listen below and I'm sure you'll be glad you did! 

Click here to read more on General Briggs

Congrats again to the Class of 2016!

Ring Dance for the Class of 2016!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 the WebTeam just got back from quite an eventful night and all of the photos will be uploading into the gallery. We covered the unavailing of the Class crest, The class painting and most importantly the Cadets getting their Rings, a symbol of any service academy. 
Click here to go to the gallery!Cool
To learn more about Class rings and the tradition read below.
"The American college tradition of the class ring began with the class of 1835 at the U.S. Military Academy. From there, it spread to the U.S. Naval Academy in the class of 1869.[51] The Air Force Academy continued the tradition, beginning with the first class, 1959, and so is the only service academy to have had class rings for every class since its founding. The Air Force ring is distinctive for being white gold instead of the yellow gold used at the other academies. Each class designs its own class crest; the only requirements being that each crest include all the elements on the Class of 1959's crest: the class number, the class year, the Polaris star, and the eagle. One side of the ring bears the academy crest, while the other side bears the class crest; the center bezel bears the words United States Air Force Academy. Cadets choose their own stones for the center of the ring. The rings are received at the Ring Dance at the beginning of the Graduation Week festivities for the class ahead of the ring recipients. The rings traditionally are placed in glasses of champagne and are caught in the teeth following a toast. During the cadet's first class (senior) year, the ring is worn with the class crest facing the wearer; following graduation, the ring is turned so that the class crest faces out. The rings of all the academies were originally designed to be worn on the left hand, so that the wearer reads the name of the academy on the bezel while a cadet or midshipman and others can read it after graduation, the rings are now worn on either hand. The Academy's Association of Graduates (AOG) accepts rings of deceased graduates which are melted down to form an ingot of white gold from which a portion of all future rings are made.[52] Both the academy's Association of Graduates and the Academy Library maintain displays of class rings."
Taken from Wikipedia.
Make sure to make your way on over to the Class of 2016 Page for all 2000 photos from tonight! Just click on the link under Ring Dining-Out.  Enjoy


Georgia Hale & Farewell

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 USAFA Appointees & Class of 2016 Prep School Appointees from Georgia who were honored at the Georgia Parents Club Hale & Farewell luncheon this afternoon.  Many thanks also to the club for their warm hospitality to yours truly.  I was honored to be the guest speaker this year.  The photos are up in the Extracurricular gallery.  

We are happy to post any photos from send offs.  Just email us to [email protected] and we will send you instructions on how to send us the photos.

More Fountain Jumping

As more firstie finals were finished the fountain got a workout yesterday.  All the photos are located in the Academic Year Gallery starting on page 9, but here a few for your view pleasure, courtesy Liz Copan.




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