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Happy Sunday!

We hope your day was full of sunshine and being outside, instead of inside waiting for pictures! But we're done for the day! We'll be back tomorow to grab some more pictures of those 2018ers. Laughing

Executioners on the Assault Course!

Today the Executioners went to the Assault Course! They started off with the Pugal Stick fights before running the course!

Demons! Demons! Demons!

The Demons went to the Obstacle Course today! Check out how they did!


So sometimes on the Assault Course if a Basic gets their rifle taken by the course cadre they have to carry a stick in place of their rifle, but this one Basic had to carry a banana! I'm happy to say that the banana survived the whole time on the Assault Course!

Aggressors run the Obstacle Course!

The Aggressors went to the Obstacle Course today! They ran through the course once today for time!

Barbarians at CATM

Today the Barbarians went to CATM today. Here are some pictures!

Guts on the Assault Course

Today the Guts got their first taste of the Assault Course! They first learned some combat moves with their rifle and then some hand to hand combat moves! They also go to enjoy a nice cold shower after getting all muddy!

Hellcats at LRC

The Hellcats had a slow day today, starting at LRC and ending in lessons.

Cobras at CBRNE

The Cobras got their turn to learn about different attacks and how to be prepared for them. They also got to try on the mops.

After CBRNE, the Cobras were supposed to go to SABC, but due to severe lightning, we were unable to cover it.

Flying Tigers at the Confidence Course

Today the Flying Tigers went through the confidence course and completed a series of obstacles that built up their confidence in theirself and their teammates.

We have some wannabe karate kids/ninjas...

The squadron is going to LRC in an hour, but unfortunately due to the weather and the severe lightning warnings, we are unable to cover it.




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