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Parents Weekend Has Begun!

Hello Friends and Families!
Well, Parents Weekend 2014 has officially begun for the WebGuy Team. 
Tonight was the WebGuy Social.  The weather cooperated and so did the
USAFA Security Forces.  We had a great turnout with great food, drink,
and fellowship. 

It also marked the WebGuy change of command from WebGuy to WebGuy2.0.  I
have a new handle now.  I was WebFan lo these many years and I am now
WebGuy2.0. WebGuy (Right) has left big shoes to fill, but I am excited about
the opportunity.  I am also comforted by the fact that the will still be around to provide advice, mentoring, and his unique vision.

We have lots of photos from tonight and will be out in force to cover
all the Parent's Weekend activities tomorrow and Saturday, so check back
tomorrow evening to see more from tonight and all the action tomorrow!

More Commitment Dinner Photos

Good Morning Families!
Hope you enjoyed all the photos from the Silver Weekend.  For you Class of 2016 families, I just uploaded 65 more photos from the Commitment dinner, courtesy of Team DMI and USAFA Public Affairs.  They start on page 35 in the 2016 Commitment Dinner Gallery. 
It is cold and rainy here this morning as I write this, but the weatherman promises good weather for Parents Weekend.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  We're looking forward to meeting many of you at the WebGuy Social or at the other venues on Friday.  We'll be out in force, so be sure to say Hello!

Silver Saturday!

Hello Families!
This is going to feel like deja' vu for your 2018 familes.  We have 3255 new photos in the AY 2014-15 Gallery.  Today was the first Silver Saturday of the Academic Year.  It was also a "Triple Threat".  For those of you who may not be familiar with that term, a triple threat is a Silver Saturday that include a SAMI (Saturday Morning Inspection), A personal uniform inspection, and a parade.  A triple threat can also have a football game in place of the parade.   The morning started early with the SAMI.  Every room get's inspected by inspectors from another squadron.  All classes are inspected.  The IC athletes who had practice this morning still had their rooms inspected. The one difference from past years was that the Cadets were able to sit down and study while waiting for the inspectors.

When the inspector arrived, the room was called to attention and the inspection proceeded.

Once all the rooms are inspected, the inspectors meet to tabulate the results.  They seemed to enjoy their work.

Next came the uniform inspections.  That was held outside in the Air Gardent.  Groups 1 and 2 formed up betweem Fairchild Hall and the Air Gardens, and 3rd & 4th group formed up on the other side.

With the Wing Staff in the middle in front of Mitchell Hall.

Then the uniform inspections commence.

Once that is complete, and they do it really fast, it is time for the parade.  This parade served as a dress rehearsal for the Parents Weekend Parade you will all soon get to see.  It was kind of strange to see no one in the stands, but come next Friday, it will be packed. 

Ok.  So that is it for today.  Enjoy looking for your Cadets.  We will be out in force to cover Parent's Weekend.  We looking forward to meeting many of you either at the WebGuy Social or during the weekend.  Watch for our gray shirts and say Hello!

Soaring onto the Field!

I was lucky today as I was able to go out to the Airfield and grab some great pictures during this beautiful Colorado day. The Sail Plane Racing Team was practicing their landing on the Parade field in preparation for the parade during Parent's Weekend. It's an awesome spectacle that everyone who goes to Parent's Weekend will be able to see (that is weather permitting). 

Class Paintings - Parents Open House

Parents of 2015 and 2016.  (All classes welcome!)
Rick Broome, the artist who is painting the 2015 Class Painting, the 2016 Exemplar Painting, and the 2016 Class Painting, is having his 40th annual Parents Weekend Open House at his home/studio on Parents Weekend.

The dates and times are:

Thursday (August 28th)  10AM - 4PM

Friday (August 29th) 10AM - 5PM

Saturday (August 30th) 3PM - 7PM

Sunday (August 31st) 10AM - 5PM

Monday (September 1st) 10AM - 4PM

They also have after hours showings by appointment.

2809 Old Broadmoor Rd. COS 80906 719-576-1995 for appointments. 
Here is the link to his website to see his entire collection as well as information about Mr. Broome.

Blue Rush Is Up!

Good morning everyone :) As promised...Blue Rush pictures are now up! Not too many there but you'll get the idea of what it was like, Enjoy! 

Blue Rush!

This summer went by way to fast...I can't believe school is already in session for USAFA! But you know what that means? Coverage you have never seen before! 
Saturday aftenoon I went down to Arnold Hall ballroom and took a walk around Blue Rush. Blue Rush is basically a giant club fair, everything from the Club Ski and Snowboard Team to the Club Sailing Team. I was quite amazed by the variety in clubs USAFA offers. So Megan (Director of Graduate Programs at AOG) and I went around to all the different tables and asked if they would be interested in the WebTeam covering different activities that their clubs held. We got an outstanding turnout with around 20 clubs that want to be included in our academic year coverage! :) 

So here's a look and sneak peek into who we will possibly be getting coverage of through out the year! Keep in mind this is all dependent on wheather or not the Clubs you see below get back to us with their schedule! We hope to hear from them all! 

Ski and Snowboard Freestyle Club:

Club Hockey:

Nordic Ski Club:

Club Softball:

Powerlifting Club:


Ultimate Frisbee Club Team:

Club Shooting Team: 

Climbing Club: 


Paintball Club:

Mountaineering Club:

Women's Club Water Polo:

Men's Club Handball:

Marathon Club Team:

Women's Club Rugby:

Men's Club Rugby:

Archery Club Team:

Club Sailing Team:

Women's Club Golf:

Equestrian Team:

They even got me to go up on a horse...I was a little reluctant but heyyy I'm up there :)

So I hope you enjoyed seeing the little sneak peek into the upcoming coverage...This is going to be quite the process for us to figure out everyone's schedules and most don't even come out for a month or more, so stay tuned families! We're beyond excited! 
Oh and one last thing...there's not many more photos than what you see here but I will still have them up in the gallery first thing tomorrow morning when I go into the office so that you can download the high resolution photos :) 
Happy Monday Everyone!! 

WebGuy Social-Don't Miss Out!

Good morning everyone! I am excited to say we have over 150 parents and guests signed up for our great WebGuy Social next week. Due to restrictions on base, we need to have all of you registered by the 20th to ensure there are no problems getting on base and having fun! Please sign up today even if you are not 100% positive you can attend, it is better to be safe than sorry! Can't wait to see you all next week.
Register here today!

First Day of AY 14-15 Airmanship

Happy Thursday!
Yesterday was the first day of classes and also the first day of academic year airmanship.  WebRam and WebRebel went out to catch the action and were finally able to get some Powered Flight photos.  Here is a bit about that program from the AcademyAdmissions.com website.
Cadets who are interested have the opportunity to participate in the Academy’s Powered Flight Program. Using T-53s, a military version of the civilian Cirrus SR-20, military instructors will introduce you to concepts of powered flight. Based on proficiency, approximately 50% of these students will solo. The training includes ground and flight instruction under an Air Education and Training Command (AETC) flying syllabus.  
Here are a few photos.  The remainder are in the AY 2014-15 gallery starting on Page 29.  Enjoy!


Commitment Dinner Video

Hello Families!

Here are two videos from the Commitment Dinner last night which cover the entire event.  The first is the preliminary remarks prior to dinner.  The second is the incredible speech by Capt Dana Pounds Lyon. The Class of 2016 chose well. It's a keeper!  Enjoy.




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