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Today the Basics took some time to practice flight drill and rifle drill. For us, that means we got photos of them marching in circles around the terrazzo. How thrilling!

4th Photos

Hi all! All photos from last night can be found in the July 4 gallery. The Basics were all mixed together, so they couldn't be separated by squadron. Happy hunting!

Reflective Belts

If a Basic has any type of medical condition, they wear a blue belt. The medical condition may be something very minor. The blue belts are just to give the Cadre notice to ask the Basic before they begin the different activities to ensure their Basics are not restricted from that activity. For example, if someone has just pulled a leg muscle and is on 24 hour restricted duty, they do not have to participate in an exercise that would further injure them, but can do an alternative exercise.
Now, if a Basic is wearing the blue reflective belt around their waist and has a flashlight then they are considered the road guards. Their job is to ensure that their classmates and Cadre get across the road safely.

Intramurals Again!

The Basics had another round of intramurals this morning! Don't worry if we didn't get your Basics' intramural, we'll do our best to get them next time. There's a lot of ground to cover out there during the intramurals, so we'll do our best to get the ones we missed next time. Photos from this morning have been posted, and have been somewhat separated into their squadron galleries. If a game was Barbarians vs Cobras, those photos were put into both squadron galleries. If you see a different color in your gallery, don't worry about it!

Tonight's Activities

Tonight the Basics are enjoying a relaxing night off with some snacks, some music, and some ice cream. All photos from tonight will be processed and posted tomorrow morning!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth, everyone! Today will be a very light photo day of the Basics. There will be a Rank & Change of Command briefing this afternoon after lunch followed by another briefing which will span the rest of the afternoon. Basics will have time tonight to relax, but don't expect any phone calls home today. All photos taken tonight will be processed bright and early tomorrow morning, so don't wait up late for those.
For now, take time to celebrate with your family and friends and remember those who have served in the Long Blue Line before your basics and those of other branches of our armed forces. We truly are blessed to be living where we do! Enjoy the BBQ you've been waiting to attend, your basic will have some fun this evening too so don't worry (no fireworks but still fun and food!), talk to your other family members and walk the dog this afternoon while it's a slow WebGuy time.
Webster Note: Seriously though, there are 180 people on the site right now. Get off the computer and go spend time with your family today. Unless, of course, you're showing your family how awesome WebGuy is. If that's the case, carry on.


Congrats to Lisa C. from Keller, TX!
The correct answer was:
Aggressors - Light blue
Barbarians - Orange
Cobras - Purple
Demons - Green
Executioners - Dark Blue
Flying Tigers - Red
Guts - Maroon
Hellcats - Yellow
It's CONTEST TIME! The first person to call us at 719-247-8700 and tell us the correct colors of each summer squadron will win. To win, we must answer in person.  Don't leave a message. If we do not answer, you do not win.
The winner will receive a WebGuy T-Shirt in the size of your choice. 


The Basics went through Intramurals for the first time this morning. The squadrons were mixed together, so the photos have been loaded into the BCT-1 Gallery instead of the squadron galleries. The photos start on page 645, here.

Noon Meal Formation

The Basics had a Noon Meal Formation today. First they form up by squadron alphabetically in front of Vandenberg Hall. Then they march in front of the class crest wall and the chapel, and then past Sijan down to Mitchell Hall for lunch. They march pretty good for only one week of training. 


Mailroom Update

Hello All!  I was just setting up the WebGuy Prep page in preparation for the USAFA Prep School Class of 2016 I-Day on 15 July and discovered that I mistakenly posted a blog entry meant for BCT in the prep school blog.  The prep parents would probably wonder what I was talking about, but y'all will know exactly.  This blog was from June 28th, but I wanted to make sure you saw it, so here it is below. Remember this is old news, but still worth posting. 
(From 28 June)
Hello All,
As I predicted, not every flight picked up mail.    Never fear though, those that didn't stop in today will do so shortly.  The cadre is well aware that mail is important to the Basics.  Here are a few mailroom photos.  The rest are in the galleries for each squadron. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  Every squadron will be busy, though not every one will be doing something we can cover.  If you ever feel like other squadrons are getting more coverage than yours, remember that it will all equal out in the end.  Some of the places the Basics will be visiting tomorrow will be the dental clinic, tailor shop, cadet store, plus whatever else the Cadre has on their list.  We will have a full crew out to cover it. 




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