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JDay+2 Video

A little video montage of yesterday for you while you wait!

Executioners at LRC

Today the Executioners showed us how good they are at executing drills. The LRC is the Leadership Reaction Course. To start off, they did some PT. Here are some pictures!

What Are We Training Them For?

Today while the Hellcats were at CBRNE, we noticed some similarities between them and famous movies. 
Maybe we are raising an army of Darth Vaders....

Or we could be training them to join the CDA (Child Detection Agency) just in case a human sock is found on one of our basics. 

Source: http://www.versusbattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/darth-vader.jpg

Videos Up!

All 30 something videos from yesterday are up! As I type I'm working on doing the JDay+2 Video for you all Laughing but in the meantime head over to the video section to check them out!

Parent Member Plus Winner

Here's a new twist.  This is not a call in contest.  I pulled a list of Parent Member Plus members, ran a "Random Number Generator" and presto, I had a winner.
William and Lisa B. of Ostrander, Ohio.    You win "A Year in the Blue" DVD!  I'll ship it out shortly.

JDay +3

Day Three in Jacks, your basics are probably getting used to the tent life by now! We've got another hot one with a chance of afternoon storms, hopefully we'll get all the pictures before that happens! 
We'll be working on getting all those videos up from yesterday as well for you!

We're Done for the Day!

Alrighty folks, we are finished for the day! All of today's content has been uploaded with the exception of a few videos that have beeen giving us some trouble, but we'll get them in tomorrow morning, no worries Laughing Happy hunting!

Hellcats at the O-Course

Today the Hellcats also ran to the Obstacle course, they ran it twice. It was a hot day but I'm sure that water felt nice...for some of them.

Aggressors at the Assault Course

Today the Aggressors got a taste of the A-course. Here are some pictures of the basics experiencing the magic that is the Assault Course.

Day out with the Guts

Today, the Guts went to CBRNE and SABC. It was really hot outside but that did not keep them from putting on huge (hot) suits or "saving" people's lives at SABC. Here are some pictures of the Guts in the suits and learning about Self Aid Buddy Care!




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