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Recognition Part Deux

Congratulations to the final Recognizees (is that a word?) of the Class of 2018!  These cadets made it through this right of passage a little later than most of their classmates, but as you will see from the photos below and in the Class of 2018 Recognition gallery starting on Page 164, they endured the same training and attention from the Cadre.   I would like to emphasize that these cadets were ready and would have gone through Recognition with their classmates had they not been competing in a sport or fulfilling other responsibilities that prevented them from doing so.   So let's all give a shout out to these deserving (and recognized) members of the Class of 2018!   Enjoy the 1595 new photos!

Alas we didn't get the Prop & Wings photos.  The schedule was changed at the last minute.  We didn't get the word and arrived too late.  Very disappointing. Frown  If any of you readers happen to receive any photos from your cadets, we will be only too happy to post them here.  I hate to leave the story without the proper ending.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday Activities

Hello All!


Friday was a busy day on the Hill.  Your WebGuy team covered three Friday events.  First up was the Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Each year many american flags end their useful lives due to wear and are ready to be respectfully retired.  "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." (The United States Flag Code).  Here at the Air Force Academy, that task is accomplished by the Cadet Honor Guard.  Below is a video of the conclusion of the ceremony after the flag had been flown one final time above the Terrazo.  The photos are located in the military training gallery on Page 184



Next up on Friday was the annual Georgia Night hosted by the Georgia Parents Club.  The cadets from the great state of Georgia and their guests enjoyed dinner provided by Chick Fil A.  There was a great turn out and a good time was had by all.  Below are some photos.  The rest are in the Extra-Curricular gallery starting on Page 277.  



This last photo is for the mom of this cadet who said his mom loves WebGuy.  I actually had him write his name down so I could post it, and then I had a senior moment and forgot where I put the paper.   This is for you Mom!  I expect you will know who you are.



Finally on Friday was the "Polaris Idol" talent show going on in the Arnold Hall theater. We will have video up of that event as soon as it is processed, so check back later in the week.

Cadet Leadership Enrichment Seminar

Happy Friday Families!
Colorado crazy weather is back.  Had snow last night, but it's all pretty now.   Lot's going on here this weekend and we will be out in force to cover it all, so be sure and check back throughout the weekend.  Last night was "Take Back the Night".  Since public affairs covered that event, we don't have many WebGuy photos, but here is an awesome photo from the end of the event courtesy of USAFA/PA.

Earlier in the day, I covered the CLES event for the incoming fall 2015 cadet wing leadership.  This event is held 4 times per year to help the cadets set their goals at the wing, group, & squadron level using the Mosaic coaching model.  Here are a few photos taken during the day.  The rest are in the Military Training Gallery.

Sandhurst Competition

Congratulations the 2015 USAFA Sandhurst Competition Team!  They placed 7th out of 58 teams in this grueling competition held this year at West Point.  The photos (courtesy of Pam Strunk) are up in the military training gallery. 


Colorado Parents Club Annual Dinner

It is starting to feel like graduation is getting closer.  Tonight was the annual dinner for the Colorado Parents Club to honor the Class of 2015 who are soon to graduate.  Tonight's speaker was Gen (ret) Stephen Lorenz '73, President & CEO of the USAFA Endowment.    Each of the soon-to-be 2Lts received a beautiful engraved box as a momento.   Here are some photos of the evening. Check out the Extra-Curricular gallery for more.


Chicago Night

Hello All!
It's a beautiful Sunday here in Colorado Springs.  Lots of happenings this weekend at the Academy.  In addition to the Founders Day dinner on Friday night, you have already seen the photos from the Founder's Day parade.   This parade serves a couple of purposes.  First (of course) is to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Air Force Academy.  The second is for the cadets to march in their parade dress uniforms.  For the 4 degrees, this is the first time they have officially worn them and they take a bit of getting used to.  There are only two parades a year where these uniforms are worn and this one serves as a kind of dress rehearsal for the big one which is the Graduation Parade.
Saturday evening, it was CHICAGO NIGHT. 

The Illinois Parent's Club puts on this event every year for the cadets and their guests from Illinois.  Lots of good food.  We here at WebGuy LOVE these events!  In addition to meeting all the great parents who make the trip here to put on the event.  We get to eat!!!   I also got to audition a new WebGuy photographer who is coming from Illinois for the summer.  She hasn't picked her Web name yet, but she took many of the photos you will see in the Extracurricular Gallery starting on page 271.  If you are trying to download the high resolution photos, they will not be available till Monday, but enjoy all the gallery photos till then.  Below are a few photos for you to enjoy.

Tonight is the Colorado Parent's Club annual dinner.  I am bringing my camera along, so I will have photos up tomorrow.  
WebGuy is really ramping up for the final push through 2015 Graduation.  The big events are Polaris Warrior, 2016 Ring Dance, and all of the Graduation week events, but right after we will be starting all the summer programs.  Check back here often.  You don't want to miss all the coverage.
Lastly, if you live in the Philadelphia area of the country, you don't want to miss a great USAFA event taking place on the Battleship New Jersey,  Sunday, April 26th.  In addition to getting to tour this great historical icon, you will get to enjoy great food, music by USAFA Band "Blue Steel", and hear directly about the State of the Academy by Director of Admissions, Col Carolyn Benyshek.  In addition, WebGuy will be there with his camera.   Click HERE to register.  Don't wait. Without enough folks registered, we will have to cancel and we don't want to do that.  Have a great day!

Founders Day Parade

Above is a quick video that Highlights the history of the Academy from its start at Lowry Air Force Base to its Current Location in Colorado springs. The cadets were joined on the parade field by spectators for the Annual Founders Day Parade in celebration of the founding of the United States Air Force Academy.

Northwestern Prep Pizza Party Reuinon

Recently current cadets who attended Northwestern Preparatory school prior to coming to USAFA were able to catch up and eat together at a pizza party in Arnold Hall. 
See more pictures in the Extracurricular gallery

Philadelphia Area USAFA Event!

Hello Philadelphia Area Families!
If you live in the Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware areas this post is for you!   WebGuy and the USAFA Admissions leadership are coming to town on April 26, 2015.   All are invited to join us on the battleship New Jersey to hear about the state of the academy from USAFA Director of Admissions, Colonel Carolyn Benyshek and President & CEO of the Association of Graduates, Mr. William "T" ThompsonWebGuy will be there with his camera to capture all the action and answer questions about the expanded summer coverage.  New Appointees are invited to attend for FREE as our guest by calling 719-247-8712 to register.   Everyone else is invited to register for this event online at https://www1.usafa.org/Events/Register.aspx?id=6512.   Don't miss this great event!  Deadline to register is Wednesday, April 22nd.  Hope to see you there!!

Honor Flight of Southern Colorado at the Acadmey

Today the Falcon Heritage Foundation, part of the CCLD, sponsored 11 World War Two Veterans from the Honor Flight of Southern Colorado Program to come speak to Cadets. The Veterans were welcomed and met Echo the Falcon, ate lunch at the Staff Tower (they were cheered and greeted by the 4000 cadets and staff), and then had Question and Answer sessions with Cadets after lunch. It was a great afternoon for these Veterans to share their stories with Cadets. Look for more pictures on Facebook and the Extracurricular gallery. Just an FYI Honor Flight of Southern Colorado is a 501c3 Non Profit that sends Veterans to Washington DC at no cost to them to honor them and see their memorials. 




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