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The Rat Olympics!

Hello Families!

Today was the final rehearsal for the Behavior Science & Leadership Department's annual RAT OLYMPICS!  The "boys" were put through their final training paces in preparation for the real thing on Monday. 

Here is a cool video of "Skittles" going through his paces. Enjoy!

Cadet Commanders' Leadership Enrichment Seminar

Hello Families!
I attended CLES today.  The focus was "Transition & Intentional Preparation for Command:  Assessing & Increasing Unit Performance".  These seminars are held three times a year to prepare the incoming cadet wing leadership for their responsibilities. 
Following welcoming remarks, the cadets broke into small groups according which group their squadron was part of.  They received briefings on the state of their various squadrons and groups by the fall commanders, then met together to talk about the goals for the spring semester.  After lunch and a speech by Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Williams, they again broke into small groups to formulate action plans for the spring and prepare a briefing for their respective AOCs.
It is always reaffirming to see the cadets in action in this setting.    Here are some photos from the day.  The rest are in the Military Training gallery starting on page 174.

Congratulations to the incoming Cadet Wing Top Three!  (from left to right)  Director of Operations, C1C Kayla Vildosola,  Cadet Wing Commander C1C Sophia Vasiliadis, and Vice-Wing Commander C1C Josiah Cline.

Heritage Event Video

Good Morning All!

Thanks for your patience as we have had the website up and down to perform some maintenance and repair some glitches.  Considering how hard we work the site compared to what it was designed to do, it is amazing that we don't have more issues.  Our awesome IT department does a great job in keeping things running smoothly and fixing glitches when they occur.

Here is a video produced by USAFA/PA of the Heritage Event last Friday.  We want to give a special WebGuy Thank you! to Lt Col (ret) Phillip Gronseth for his willingness to speak on behalf of the Class of 1975.  Mr. Gronseth is currently an instructor in physics at USAFA Prep.  He did a great job!


Heritage Event at the USAFA Cemetery

Yesterday I had the honor of covering the USAFA heritage event. The cadets participated in a "living timeline" where as they marched down to cemetery. They were given periodic blurbs of information in remembrance of the heritage that surrounds the Academy. Once they arrived at the Cemetery a member of the class of 1975 spoke to them about how heritage of the Academy has effected his life and career as an Air Force officer. Along with this the Cadets then proceeded to place an American Flag and Heritage wreath on the headstone of every veteran buried at the USAFA cemetery. I wish the photos could covey the sense of honor and pride that surrounded the event. It was truly humbling to see all 4,000 Cadets paying their respects to those that went before them. It was a physical manifestation of the Long Blue Line. The photos begin on page 163 of the Military Training Gallery. 

Site Maintenance

Good Morning Friends and Neighbors! It looks like we are back in WebGuy business!! Well, almost. The site is functioning but you may still encounter some issues. Sorry for the inconvenience until the permanent fix can be put in place which may take until over the weekend! In the meantime, we are in the process of uploading photos and video from yesterday and will be taking a ton of photos today and tonight. We'll keep you posted.

"It's On Us"

Following the recognition of the spirit video winners, the cadets took the "It's On Us" pledge.  The Gazette and Fox News was there to cover it.  The photo below is courtesy of USAFA/PA.  The "It's On Us" campaign was launched by President Obama to end sexual assualt on campuses.  Here is a link to a factsheet about the campaign.  http://wh.gov/ilbvC

Photos of all the staff tower activites are posted in the Extra-Curricular gallery starting on page 176.

Spirit Video Contest Winners Recognized

Hello Families!
The Army and Navy spirit video contest winners were recognized from the staff tower during lunch today by AOG President & CEO William "T" Thompson.  Congratulations to Cadet Squadron 15, winners of the Army video contest and Cadet Squadron 17, winners of the Navy contest.  Each squadron has received a gift from the AOG of $1000 for improvements to their squadrons.

Happy Veterans Day!

Hello All!
To all the Veterans, Thank you for your service!!  To all you parents of Cadets & Preps, past and present, Thank you for sending your children in the service of our country. As a veteran and the parent of veterans, I am reminded of the quote by John Milton. 
"They also serve, who only stand and wait".
On this snowy morning, I went up to Arnold Hall to get some photos of the cadets preparing the heritage emblems and wreaths that will be part of the Heritage Event on Friday. 

The photos are up in the Extra-Curricular gallery starting on page 175.  WebDoc will be out this afternoon to see the rehearsal.  Not sure if he will be taking pictures though.  Be sure and check back on Friday and Saturday to see photos and video from the actual event.  It is going to be Awesome!

3rd Annual Sweatshirt Palooza!

Friends and Family!
Don't miss out on the big savings on great Air Force Academy gear.  Just click on the photo below to shop!  Enjoy!

The Biology 481 Vole Hunt!

What you ask, is a Vole?  The picture below gives you a hint.

Leaving no stone unturned (literally) in our quest to provide you with broad coverage of the academic year, we were able to go out today and enjoy this beautiful Colorado day tagging along with Biology 481, a class comprised of all Biology majors. They spent the morning checking traps set out in order to capture Voles, a small rodent that looks similar to a mouse. The students will be studying the captured rodents and how the Voles behaviors relate to the enviornment they live in!  The cadets enjoyed the experience.  The Voles, not so much.  Check out the photos starting on page 5 of the Academics gallery.





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