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Majors' Night

Tonight was Majors' Night! This is where the Cadets get to go around Fairchild and see the different majors available! It was a fun night, there were some pretty awesome displays tonight!  You can find these pictures in the Academics Folder!

There are so many majors available that some of the Cadets had to take a break :)

Class of 2017 Exemplar Dinner

Tonight was the Exemplar Dinner! The class of 2017 picked Colonel George "Bud" Day to be their class exemplar! Colonel George "Bud" Day is a person who embodies the values that the class of 2017 lives up to! You can find more pictures in the Exemplar Dinner AY 14 15 Folder for Class of 2017! We are also putting videos up soon so make sure you check those out!

T-38 Noon Meal Formation Flyby

The Cadets (and one WebGuy photographer) got a special treat today during their Noon Meal Formation. Three T-38 jet aircraft performed a flyover. The T-38 is the same aircraft that many of your cadets will fly after graduation if they are selected to attend pilot training. Check out those pictures in the Military Training Folder!

Women's Rugby and Academic Photos

Check out the extracurricular photo gallery for some great shots of this weekends Women's Rugby game! Also head on over to the Academic year photo gallery for some shots of Behavioral Science 310's "Leadership Maze" where the cadets had to make it across a "booby trapped" mat one square at a time making sure to not let an alarm go off. 

Oh What A Day!

Today was a busy day! The first pictures we have are of the POW Formation and they can be found in the Military Training Folder. The next set of pictures are of the Air Force Birthday Ball and those can be found in the Extracurricular Activities folder! Check them out!

Website Format Changes

Happy Friday Families!
National POW/MIA Recognition Day is being observed today, Friday, Sept.
19, 2014. This annual event honors prisoners of war and our missing and
their families, and highlights the government's commitment to account
for them.
Many Americans across the United States pause to remember the sacrifices
and service of those who were prisoners of war (POW), as well as those
who are missing in action (MIA), and their families. All military
installations fly the National League of Families’ POW/MIA flag, which
symbolizes the nation’s remembrance of those who were imprisoned while
serving in conflicts and those who remain missing. 

Today the Cadet Wing marked the day with a retreat ceremony.  We will have photos  and blog up later this evening or first thing in the morning.  
You will also notice that we have made some changes to the WebGuy site to make it easier for you to find photos.  Thanks to all who offered suggestions and comments on this subject.  Just like during BCT our AY 2014-15 gallery will have all the photos taken, but you will also see that we have sorted them in four areas of cadet life.  Academics, Military, Airmanship, & Extra-Curricular/Athletics.   Going forward we will also let you know here in the blog where we have updated photos and also on what page they start.  This should make it easier to find your cadet.
In a couple weeks we will also be taking the site down for a day in order to make some major changes in layout and access, which we hope you will like as well.   As we get closer to that day, I will give you a heads up.
That being said, we have some new photos from this week just posted in Extra-Curricular gallery starting on page 113.  The representatives from the Class of 2017 met with the Josten's company to begin their class ring design process.  Suffice to say there are elements in their class crest that are certainly unique.  That's all I can say.  This is the beginning of a process that will be revealed at their Ring Dining-in in May of 2016.  More updates later.  Wink

Also in the Extra-Curricular gallery starting on Page 114 are photos of the football scrimmage last Wednesday between USAFA Prep & USAFA JV.   USAFA is in the gray pants.

Tonight is the Birthday Ball in Arnold Hall.  It is mandatory for 4 degrees.  WebDoc and WebberDucky will be there to capture the festivities and will have photos and blog up, most likely tomorrow.  They will be in the Extra-Curricular Gallery. 
Have a great weekend!

Aerobic Fitness Test

Hello All,
The last two days, the cadets have been taking the Aerobic Fitness Test (AFT).  The test is given all throughout the day based on each cadets schedule.  The photos in the gallery today are from one of the sessions this afternoon.  Enjoy.

Georgia State Tailgate - September 13th

On Saturday, the AOG hosted the Air Force Tailgate at Georgia State, right across from the Georgia Dome.  Over 800 people came out to celebrate!  We saw the cheerleaders, falconers, drum and bugle, and the Supreintendent.  It was an awesome get together!  The photos are up in the Academic Year Photo gallery!


Atlanta Golf Classic - September 12th

Good afternoon folks.  Last week, I (WebGuy 1.0) traveled to Atlanta to help run the Atlanta Golf Classic at the Chateau Elan Golf Course northeast of Atlanta. 

We had a record number of golfers (92), and over 100 people for the luncheon.  Thanks to all the parents, graduates, friends, and family who participated! 
Special thanks to the Georgia Parents Club for volunteering!  They monitored our "Hole in One" contest the whole morning. 

Then, they manned the Parents Club table before and during the lunch.

Club Soccer Game

Hello All!
Happy Sunday.  I hope you have enjoyed all the coverage from this weekend.  We enjoyed bringing it to you.  The last activity of the weekend was a Club Soccer match versus a team sponsored by Back East Bar & Grill.  WebberDucky and I caught the first half of a very well played match.  When we left, USAFA was ahead 1 - 0.  I will get the final score and report it tomorrow.  In the meantime all the photos are up in the AY 2014-15 gallery.  Here are a few to give you a preview.  Enjoy your evening!




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