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Good Night!

Well Webland, it's been fun. We'll be back tomorrow to cover the March back from Jacks. Until then, remember all pictures from today are in the Big Bad Basic shortcut. We put some videos in the blog, we'll be posting the rest tomorrow, in the BBB short cut (we'll let you know when those are done!). Have a wonderful evening!

Big Bad Basic Closing Remarks

Here are some videos from the closing remarks at the end of Big Bad Basic by the BCT Commander Lt. Col Sylvester and the BCT Cadet Commander C1C Nate Peeler.

Big Bad Basic Day Pictures

All pictures from today will be in the Big Bad Basic shortcut! Videos will be (probably not today but tomorrow) in the Big Bad Basic shortcut as well!
So check them out! Laughing

Finalist Clips





BIG BAD BASIC Explanation


This morning all of the Basics gathered to watch the finals of BBB. Remember how each squadron ran through the Assault Course twice, and on their second time through they had pugil stick fights? These A-Course fights were to determine the finalists for each squadron. Every squadron put forth their top male competitor and female competitor to fight for BBB. They fight till one gets three points (one point gained from a body or a head shot), and the losing competitor is eliminated from the competition while the winner advances to the next round. 


The winning female was Evangeline Borngesser of Demons. The winning male was Santo Coppola of Executioners.

Jacks Valley March Out Information

Well Webfriends, we just heard from BCT Command about the March Out. 
They'll be leaving Jacks around 730 AM heading out the West Gate, with arrival plans to the Cadet Area around 915 AM. 
Gates will not be opening early to non-military ID holders. So your best chance if you're not an ID holder and want to see your basic is to head right up to the Chapel Wall. 
We're still waiting on some confirmation for A-Day events, once we have that we'll share soon!

Fun Facts

Hey Families!
The WebTeam is busy capturing all the fun and exciting moments and events happening during Big Bad Basic. They should be back soon to upload all the picture, but until then I thought I might share some fun facts about the Air Force.
1. The Air Force has only been its own branch since 1947. What is now the Air Force used to be part of the Army, known as the Army Air Corps.
2. Famous actor Jimmy Stewart, known for It's A Wonderful Life and North by NorthWest, enlisted in the Army Air Corps and retired as a Brigadier General.
3. Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek TV series, served in the Army Air Corps. The actor of Roddenberry's character Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, DeForest Kelley, also served in the Air Force.

Big Bad Basic Day!

It'll be a fun day, despite the rain! We'll be back in a bit!

Jacks March Back and A Day Update

We're still working on getting a few details for both the march back from Jacks on Friday and A-Day on Tuesday. As soon as we have those more in concrete we'll be sharing them! We don't want to give you incomplete information!

Gift Cards from Grad-Owned Business Can Be Used at Stadium

Families of 2018, I got word from the grad-owned P.B. & Jellies in the nearby mall, that the gift cards you can buy from them for your cadets, can be used at the home football games because they will have a booth inside the stadium on the southeast side, next to the scoreboard!

As I mentioned at the begining of the summer, when you buy these gift cards, P.B. & Jellies will send them to your soon-to be-cadet's P.O. box number.  So, it's an easy way to fill their ever-hungry stomachs during the football games this year!




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