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Georgia State Tailgate - September 13th

On Saturday, the AOG hosted the Air Force Tailgate at Georgia State, right across from the Georgia Dome.  Over 800 people came out to celebrate!  We saw the cheerleaders, falconers, drum and bugle, and the Supreintendent.  It was an awesome get together!


Atlanta Golf Classic - September 12th

Good afternoon folks.  Last week, I (WebGuy 1.0) traveled to Atlanta to help run the Atlanta Golf Classic at the Chateau Elan Golf Course northeast of Atlanta. 

We had a record number of golfers (92), and over 100 people for the luncheon.  Thanks to all the parents, graduates, friends, and family who participated! 
Special thanks to the Georgia Parents Club for volunteering!  They monitored our "Hole in One" contest the whole morning. 

Then, they manned the Parents Club table before and during the lunch.

Club Soccer Game

Hello All!
Happy Sunday.  I hope you have enjoyed all the coverage from this weekend.  We enjoyed bringing it to you.  The last activity of the weekend was a Club Soccer match versus a team sponsored by Back East Bar & Grill.  WebberDucky and I caught the first half of a very well played match.  When we left, USAFA was ahead 1 - 0.  I will get the final score and report it tomorrow.  In the meantime all the photos are up in the AY 2014-15 gallery.  Here are a few to give you a preview.  Enjoy your evening!

Afternoon Commandant's Training

Check out the Academic year albums for more pictures of this afternoons training events mainly the Group one Volleyball tournament against the Group Commander, Lt. Col Sylvester. Also check out the pictures from the retreat ceremony. 

Wing 5K

Today was the Wing 5K! This morning everyone was all bundled up for the run because it was so cold, but once they got back from their run the sun started to come out just in time for the different events they had on the Terrazzo. Events like a leap frog race, bear crawl race, crab walk race, tire flip race, wheel barrow race, pull up competition and so much more! Today was an overall great day!

Wing Round Robin / Cadet Jamboree

Today the Freshman were met by upperclassmen from different squadrons. Each squadron had an opportunity to "train" the freshmen. Afterwords the entire Cadet Wing went to the Jamboree. The cadets ate catered food and enjoyed things such as inflatable slides.

Then and Now

Good Morning Families!
Woke up this morning to 30° and light snow.  I'm not ready for that yet, but it made me think about how far we have come since that warm day in June. 

This is going to be a busy weekend for the Cadets.  It is the Commandant's Training Weekend.  It really started yesterday with the 9/11 Retreat Ceremony and the beginning of the 48 Hour Vigil Run. 

Teams of four will rotate throughout the 48 hour vigil and the torch and fireman's helmet you saw in the photos yesterday will be run around the terrazzo with the exception of the duration of the Cadet Jamboree, Wing 5K Run/Athletic Challenge and in the event of inclement weather.  The run will conclude on Saturday just before retreat, when the items will be placed at the base of the 9/11 Memorial and retreat will be sounded.  We will have photo coverage today and throughout the weekend, so check back for updates starting this evening.   Enjoy!!

9/11 Remembrance Formation

I had the privilege of being able to attend and document this very special event. The Cadet Wing formed up in front of the USAFA 9/11 memorial on the terrazzo in order to pay their respects to those that lost their lives 13 years ago. It was a very special and touching ceremony that concluded with the academy leadership laying wreaths in front of the memorial. Please take the time to look at the photos. I hope they can serve in bringing you closer to what was a very touching event.

Group One Volleyball Tournament

On this cold gloomy Colorado day group One held the semi-final match of their squadron volleyball tournament. Squadron 6 played against Squadron 9. SQ 9 won by one point. They will move onto the next round where they will play the group commander, the USAFA commandant and other permanent party personnel!

Cadet Commanders' Leadership Enrichment Seminar (CLES)

Good morning families!
Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the morning session of the CLES.  This is a leadership development workshop sponsored by the USAFA Association of Graduates (AOG) since 1983 and hosted each Fall, Spring, & Summer by the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (DFBL) in partnership with the Center for Character and Leadership and Development (CCLD).  During the seminar, a multiple mission partner team of leadership coaches, mentors, and experts from throughout USAFA prepare 150 cadet commanders and intercollegiate team captains each semester for their leadership roles in the Cadet Wing by achieving their unit goals.  Cadets arrive to CLES with a desired goal, and then work with their cadet peers and a team of experts to evolve their goal into a specific action plan after considering issues of planning, communication, motivation, and feedback. 
The morning session was kicked-off by Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Stephen Williams. 

Following a short break, the cadet leaders broke into smaller breakout sessions for each group (1-4) of the cadet wing to meet with their coaches and peers.

It was great to see the support the Academy provides the cadet leadership to enable them to lead effectively.  Enjoy the rest of the photos of the day in AY-2014-15 gallery starting on page 189.




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