Groundhog Day #2

Hi Families!

Happy Thursday!  Groundhog Day #2.  Another beautiful sunrise.  This is our 3rd morning of intramurals. 

All of these Basics are in their element here.  While the military is new for many, sports are familiar ground.   

We had only two photographers again, but like the Basics, we are getting better at this.  Hopefully we found everyone.  The rest of today will be just like yesterday.  I would stand by your phone, however and answer those calls from strange phone numbers if they come.   Enjoy today's photos.  They are all up in the Basic Military Training gallery. (Newest to Oldest)

BTW, if you like what we are doing, we gladly accept food donations.  I am particularly fond of dark chocolate.  Just Sayin. 

Here's our address if you are so inclined.

WebGuy Prep
3116 Academy Drive
USAF Academy, CO 80840

Ok!  That's it for today.  All this morning's photos are up in the BMT gallery.  Enjoy!  Let's see what tomorrow brings.