66th-Annual Wing Open Boxing Championship

According to the USAFA website, The Wing Open Boxing Championship is the Air Force Academy’s annual boxing tournament. Since 1958, cadets from all forty squadrons have been eligible to tryout to compete in intersquadron competitions. 

The Wing Open is also held for a good cause. Each year, proceeds from the Wing Open are managed by the Cadet Wing who designate a charity and contribute all proceeds to that charity.

According to USAFA athletics, this year, Air Force senior Walker Morris joined an elite list of contenders on March 2 and highlighted a successful night of hard-hitting competition for the boxing team at the 66th-annual Wing Open Championships. 



In addition, Morris and classmate Allyah Marlett received the night's Outstanding Boxer award. Neither recipient needed the full six minutes to secure their title – with Morris using less than one round to force the referee to halt his 195-pound contest with freshman Seth Misukanis.

Marlett, unopposed at 165 pounds last year and competing under the lights of Clune Arena for the first time, struck quickly in her contest with freshman Malaika Ndifang and caused the officials to call the bout during the second break.

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(w) 112-lbs.: Alexandra Waller (CS-40) dec. Charlotte McPhee-Gillum (CS-03), 5-0
(w) 125-lbs.: Ale Tirado-Elias (CS-38) dec. Emma Teo (CS-20), 5-0
(m) 125-lbs.: Leo Camacho (CS-22) RSC-3 Duong Tran (CS-24)
(m) 132-lbs.: Jordan Dutcher (CS-32) dec. Garrett Kim (CS-31), 3-2
(w) 147-lbs.: Mack Lucas (CS-37) dec. Lexi Lee (CS-01), 5-0
(m) 147-lbs.: Luke Kohout (CS-05) dec. Jake Edwards (CS-11), 5-0
(w) 156-lbs.: Hannah Schuster (CS-15) dec. Shelby Paul (CS-28), 5-0
(m) 156-lbs.: Tyler Dalzell (CS-08) dec. Neo Takazawa (CS-03), 5-0
(w) 165-lbs.: Allyah Marlett (CS-07) RSC-2 Malaika Ndifang (CS-38)
(m) 165-lbs.: Canaan Ray (CS-22) dec. Andrew Ison (CS-25), 5-0
(m) 185-lbs.: Angelo Ganac (CS-11) dec. Joe Wilson (CS-07), 5-0
(m) 195-lbs.: Walker Morris (CS-10) RSC-1 Seth Misukanis (CS-19)

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