Prep Day of Training # 7

Today was supposed to be a carbon copy, (actually that dates me), a photo copy of yesterday.   It was Bravo's turn to do the hike, Alpha's turn at the dental, clinic, and Charlie's  turn to work on their security clearances in the morning.   It didn't quite turn out that way.  The weather forecast was for rain, so the hike was cancelled and replaced with a team building exercise for Bravo, but we couldn't figure out where they were doing said exercise till it was almost over.  Alpha did go to the dentist, and we couldn't find Charlie either.   WebHatter got lots of dental clinic photos this morning.  Good on her.  The afternoon worked out better for WebDoc and me.   The Basics in all squadrons received their first room inspections.   Pretty sure I caught a photo of every Basic in the squadron.  Dust was their nemesis, but most did really well, and a few learned a lot about how to really clean.   Everyone also changed their bed linen.  I couldn't help but think how much you parents will enjoy the photos of your kids cleaning their rooms and making their beds.  :-)   So here are some sample photos from today.  All are now up in the gallery.   WebDoc is actually still out shooting tonight, because their was evening training which included an uniform inspection.  The Basics got to find out what a "Superman" is, and you will too tomorrow when we post the pictures.   Bravo got the short end of the stick photowise today, but we will make it up to you, I promise. 

Weather permitting, tomorrow morning will be similar to today's schedule, and the afternoon will include some drill, an open ranks inspection and of course may briefings.   Till then, enjoy the photos, there are lots more to come over the next 10 days.