2022 Prep School BMT Graduation Events

Prior to the Graduation Ceremony, the Prep C/C's held a road march to the Stairway to Heaven which they proceeded to climb. This completed their 3-week Basic Military Training. After the Stairway to Heaven march, they had a parade on Black Field before transitioning to the Graduation Ceremony. 




Alpha Squadron won the top award in BMT. WebGuy would like to congratulate the Alpha squadron and all of the C/Cs who successfully completed BMT! 


This concludes WebGuy's coverage of Prep School BMT. We would sincerely like to thank the Prep School and the parents for their continued support of WebGuy.

WebGuy will resume its Prep School coverage during the Prep School academic year! 

To view photos, go to CLASSES > PREP SCHOOL > BASIC MILITARY TRAINING. Photos are from pages 227 - 284.

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Formation -  Pages 227 - 234

Stairway to Heaven - Pages 234 - 245 

Parade and Graduation - Pages 245 - 284