What to expect in the Academic Year at the Prep School

Our coverage of your Preppies is not over, while over the course of the summer we were providing coverage just about every day, the Academic year is slightly different day to day wise but our coverage range includes many different events.

During the Academic year we will continue to visit the Prep School but again keep in mind it will not be every day. Here's an example of what the Prep School Class page will look like by the end of this academic year.

The BMT Portrait pictures that were taken during BMT will be posted in the next week. So keep a look out for our BMT Portrait alert in the form of a blog post and through our Facebook page! Parents Weekend which is only a few short weeks away will also have its own Gallery and you can be sure that we will be capturing moments of many different events during that weekend.

Under Military Training you will find their Parades, the Quarter Rope Ceremonies, and several other events.

In Character and Leadership Development you will see pictures of our glimpse into different Honor Lessons where your C/C’s will get to meet and work with Cadets from up at the Academy and different Staff members throughout the academic year.

We will also get glimpses into the different sports played when there are home games/meets, you will find our coverage of these in Prep Sports. However, if you as a parent are ever able to get pictures of your Preppies at away games we always love to share pictures that others take and you can reach out to us at webguy@aogusafa.org to share them.

We also drop in during their academic year PFT and AFT and that will also have its own Gallery on the Prep School page.

Under Academic Studies, you will see pictures like academic activities, lessons, etc. There is also a possibility that we will be able to catch the C/C's attending academic events up on the hill.

In Prep Life, you will find most of our coverage throughout the year, like the monthly Birthday Dinners, when Guest Speakers stop by to talk to the C/C's, any visits they make to the Airfield or to the Academy to learn about the programs that the Academy provides, and so much more!

There are so many aspects that we cover during the year, so make sure to keep checking in with us as we go out about. We will be getting year round coverage both at the Prep School and the Academy so we hope you enjoy this year’s coverage as we continue to capture moments!

Finally, at the bottom of each blog for an event we will give you direction on how to navigate the website to see the group of pictures from that event as well as providing a link to go directly to the first page of those pictures. If you notice when clicking the gallery that the pictures we are referencing are not there, try changing your page setting (whether you are looking at it from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest) and that should do the trick!

If you ever have questions about our coverage or would like to share information about an upcoming event that you’re not sure if we know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate parent’s sharing information and even pictures with us about events that their cadets are involved in at the academy, nationally and internationally. We also encourage that if you have taken any pictures of your Cadets at an event and you would like to share them with us to email us again at webguy@aogusafa.org so that we can promote and share your pictures with others through the Public Gallery section of our website!

We are so proud of how far your Cadet Candidates have come and cannot wait to continue see the Prep School Class of 2019 throughout the next year and their four years at the Academy as they grow into our future Air Force Officers!

We hope you all have a great weekend and welcome to the academic year!