Prep Honor Lesson

This afternoon the Prep School took part in a Teamwork/Leadership Honor Lesson. Check out the blog for highlights.

During this teamwork/leadership exercise, the C/C's were paired off into the same groups as they were in for the SAPR Lesson several weeks ago. The objective was to racing to find different points using basic land navigational skills and reasoning. Each group had to travel to various points (At least 5 of the 12 points) and figure out answers to riddles/questions, and then report back.  

Those with most correct answers in shortest amount of time won.  At the end they de-briefed and discussed people's strengths within their groups, and how they were able to apply them in group performance.


To see the rest of the pictures taken from todays Honor Lesson, go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Honor Lesson