Ground Hog Day #2

Happy Thursday!

Yes, as I prophesied yesterday, today was the second of three pretty much identical training days where the squadrons rotate between dental exams, working on their security clearances, and the ropes course.  Today Bravo took to the ropes, Charlie did clearances, & Alpha went to the dentist.  (If this looks very similiar to what I wrote here yesterday, you are very observant).  Hey, it's hard to find something witty and original to say three days in a row.  Wait till you see what I write tomorrow.  Hint:  I bet the first sentence looks a lot like today's LOL.   Here's the good news!  All the photos are up in the BMT gallery for today.  Remember that Charlie will be MIA today.

Here are a few photos from today's action. 



Like yesterday, we found some smiles in the dental clinic.  They were pretty much all business there though. 



The picture below reminds me to speak about what we like to call "Stealth Basics".  Believe it or not, not everyone likes to have their photo taken.  We walk a fine line between trying to give you a window into the training while at the same time not completely invading their privacy.  BMT is hard enough at times without us poking a camera in their face.  If your basic is MIA at times, the photo below could illustrate one of the reasons.  Just thought I would mention it.

That's it for today.  I have a feeling tomorrows blog will look much like today's with different colored hats.  (Didn't I say that yesterday?)  Deja Vu.  Tomorrow, Alpha is MIA.  Remember to answer the phone tomorrow  even if you don't recognize the number.  It might be one of those Bravos calling for some info. 

Back at ya tomorrow!

PS, Here is a little bonus courtesy of USAFA/PA