Prep School Fall AFT

The AFT, otherwise known as the Aerobic Fitness Test is conducted during the Fall and Spring semester. The AFT is a timed 1.5 mile run.  The Prep School AFT course starts at the Child Development Center and ends at the Stables.  The AFT was run in three groups over Thursday and Friday mornings with perfect weather for both mornings.

Due to covid-19 restriction, most photos will be individual shots. The good news is that most did not wear a mask during their run so it will be easier to find your cadet candidate.

The AFT is scored as follows:

Event Men Women
  Mean Max Mean Max
1.5-Mile Run 11:15 7:45 13:31 8:55



To view photos, go to Classes > Prep School > Prep PFT/AFT or click the link below.

Prep School Fall AFT