Prep School Class of 2019 Graduation

Another USAFA Prep year has come to a close, soon to be followed by USAFA Graduation next week.   It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming this class to Prep I-Day.


They look the same, but they are different.  Changed somehow in just 10 months.



They are no longer Cadet Candidates.  They are Prep School Graduates!  Most are also now Appointees to the USAFA Class of 2023.  Some will go on to success in other paths.  We are proud of them all for seeing it through to the end. 

In 35 days we will see them again back here in shorts, T-Shirts and, boots, but this time they will come with a confidence shared by all Preppies.  For now, it's time to pack up and head home.  Funny how they are leaving with so much more than when they arrived.

This is the last blog entry for this prep class.  We'll start it all up again in July with the arrival of the Prep Class of 2020.  Till then, a big THANK YOU to the entire WebGuy Team of photographers, bloggers, editors, and IT support who make this all possible. 

Lastly, thanks to all of you families across the country for your kind words, encouragement, & financial support of this very unique program.

Enjoy all the photos from PREP GRADUATION WEEK.   See you in June!!