Final PFT for this Basic Training

Hi Families!

We are in the final stages of BMT!  Who's ready?!  I am!  Time to get the year started.                

This morning all of the basics took their final PFT of Basic Training.  By now you know the acronym.    They will take several more through out the coming year.    At least the weather was cool this morning for it.  I think the Basic on the right below has to be standing on a chair.  Pretty impressive. 




This afternoon was more briefings and an honor lesson dealing with the Airman's Creed and never leaving a wingman.  Honor lessions are an important part of BMT as well as the academic year.  As you can see from the Alpha squadron Basics below, the lessons are given in a more relaxed setting.  On Saturday, as part of the BMT culminating event, every Basic will individually take the honor oath before becoming a Cadet Candidate.

All of today's pictures are up in the gallery.  Tomorrow will be fun for the Basics.  They are taking the Stanly Canyon hike as a group.   It's is a beautiful hike and the weather is supposed to be good with sunny skies forecasted for the morning and early afternoon. 

More to come tomorrow.  Have a great evening!