Prep School 2nd Quarter Award Ceremony

The Prep School held their 2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony in Huskey Theater yesterday.  Several awards were given out for Academics, Athletics and Military Training.

In attendance were:

USAFA Preparatory School Commander: Col Youderian

Director of Training and Commandant: Lt. Col Patricia Nadeau

Dean of Academics: Lt. Col Hans Larsen

Director of Athletics: Lt. Col Kaipo McGuire

First Sergeant: MSgt Brandon Margle


Dean's Pin: Awarded to recognize Cadet Candidates for earning a 3.5 or higher GPA for the 2nd Quarter.

Military Pin: Awarded to recognize Cadet Candidates who excelled in military excellence.

Athletic Pin: Awarded to recognize Cadet Candidates who earned a PFT (Physical Fitness Test) score of at least 400 and an AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test) score of at least 250.

Group Deputy Director's Pin:  Awarded to recognize those Cadet Candidates who achieve outstanding performance in two of the three mission elements.

Commander's Pin: Awarded to recognize those Cadet Candidates who achieved outstanding performance in all three mission elements. This year there was only one Commander's Pin awarded and it went to Cadet Candidate Hunter Saenz.

First term Cadet Candidate Group Leadership transfered their red ropes to the new Group Leadership.

Group Commander: Elizabeth Canfield

Group Vice Commander: Destiny Speltz

Group Superintendant: Tatiana Ellison

Group Stan & Eval Officer: Hunter Saenz

Group Character Officer: Caroline Friendrick


Awards were also given for Top Flight and Top Squadron for each of the three mission elements: Academics, Athletics and Military Performance as well as Top Overall Squadron.  Overall Top Squadron was Alpha Squadron.



It was a great celebration of all that these Cadet Candidates have achieved so far and we wish them well for the remainder of that year! Congratulations Cadet Candidates!

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