Prep BMT Day 1

Hello Prep Families!

We are off and running!  Before I get to todays action, I want to say what a pleasure it was to greet so many familes yesterday.  Taking the family photos on I-Day is something I look forward to every year.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  They are the beginning of your USAFA scrapbook.

Here is some basic information about the WebGuy program to get your started off on the right foot.  First, the WebGuy website where you are reading this blog has a free part and and members only part.  Obviously the blog is free as is the free photo gallery where you can view some of the photos that we take or repost from sources like USAFA Public Affairs.  The links to our online store and the parents portal as well as links to other parts of our main Association of Graduates website at are also free.  Our huge photo galleries and the unlimited free downloads of the high resolution photos we take both at the Academy and the Prep School all year round are a benefit of membership in the Association of Graduates (AOG), either as a Graduate Life Member, or as a Family Member through our Family Plans.  Here is a link to find out more about membership.  Family Memberships

There has also been some confusion about where to find the Prep School Photos.  Once you have created your membership account and login to the members area of the site, if you look to the banner at the top of our page to the right of our logo, you will see some headings labeled, Blog, Classes, Galleries, Shop, & Account.  To find the Prep School photos, click on the "Classes" Heading.  You will see a drop down menu showing Class Years.  At the bottom you can choose Prep School.

When you select Prep School, you will see the current Prep School Year Page. If it is not already showing, at the top choose Prep 19-20 Academic Year, and Presto!  You will see the correct gallery.  Right now there are only two folders.  In-Processing Day and Basic Military Training.  That's because that is as far as we are in to the year.

Click on one of those Icons and you will see all the photo thumbnails.  You can either view them by most recent (newest), to oldest or the other way around.  I hope this info is helpful.  Today's photos are in the BMT gallery, as will most of the photos over the next 18 days. There will be some exceptions, but I will explain that when they happen.  For now, enjoy the photos.

So, what did the basics do on their first day in BMT? You may ask.  Well, they got up very early for a start.  After breakfast, the day was filled with briefings, getting more uniforms, and having their picture taken for their ID cards.  In between, they started learning to march, set up their rooms in a military way, and began to memorize the military knowledge they will need to use the rest of their military career.  Of course the Cadre are always making the best use of the time.  Sometimes they combine memorization with exercise.   We also took their portraits, which the prep school uses for administrative purposes, but will also be available for you to see after BMT is over.  Here are a few photos of the day. 




All the photos from today are up in the galleries now.  Here is a direct link to get there.  BMT Pictures

Ok.  That's it for tonight!  We will back out tomorrow bright (and very early) to capture morning Physical Fitness Training (PT).  Those photos will be up much earlier.  Till then, Good Night!