Pure Praxis Visits The Prep School

This afternoon Pure Praxis visited the Prep School and had a hands on improvisational theater performance with the C/C's.

Pure Praxis is a social theater group that uses Performance Education Workshops to train and empower service members at Military installations worldwide. Contracted by the Department of Navy Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office (DON-SAPRO) in 2015, Pure Praxis has reached over 133,950 military personnel to date.

Pure Praxis’ mission is to promote social change by using live, improvisational theater to re-create difficult real world situations so audiences can rehearse pro-active responses. ‘Praxis’ is the act of applying, engaging and practicing ideas, which is precisely what makes Pure Praxis different from any other training program on the market. Using a team of skilled and diverse Performance Facilitators and Actor-Advocates, Pure Praxis explores topics that are both complex and sensitive in order to empower audiences to become active bystanders in their own lives. The entirety of every performance is guided by the audiences’ participation, thereby making every show unique.

Kelly Pfleider, our Founder and President, created Pure Praxis out of her commitment and passion for social change. She has over 10 years of experience and education with performance theater techniques. She is an expert of performance education and a Certified Victim Advocate.

To read more about Pure Praxis go to their website: purepraxis.com




To view the rest of our glimpse into their visit go to; Classes – Prep School – Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Pure Praxis Visits The Prep School