Prep PFT

Last week the Prep School had their final Fall Physical Fitness Training (PFT)

The PFT has 5 stations and the Preppies were scored at each location with roughly 2 - 2 and a half minutes to complete each station - ask your Preppie how he or she did!

The Preppies were split into groups and could not go to the next station without everyone finished at the current one. Overall it is a 15-minute exam consisting of five stations: pull-ups, standing long jump, sit-ups, push-ups and 600-yard run.

Station 1 - Pull-Ups

Station 2 - Long Jump

Station 3 - Sit-Ups

Station 4 - Push-Ups

Station 5 - 600-Yard Run

The fitness-testing program serves many purposes, including:

    - Promoting maximum fitness among the cadet wing

    - Developing a foundation for a lifetime of fitness

    - Recognizing cadets who excel in maintaining their personal fitness

This test is the same test given up at the Academy, which helps prepare the Preppies physically for what to expect in their coming years up on the hill for the PFT. At the Academy, members of the cadet wing who achieve the maximum point total on either the PFT or AFT belong to the prestigious 500 Club. Those few cadets who maximize their scores on both of these belong to the exclusive 1000 Club.

Event Men Women
  Mean Max Mean Max
Pull-Ups 12 21 3 8
Long Jump 7’7″ 8’0″ 6’3″ 7’2″
Crunches 71 95 71 95
Push-Ups 48 72 29 48
600-Yard Run 1:53 1:35 2:12 1:53







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