It's Linen Exchange!!

Happy Saturday Families,

I am sure that when most of you thought about this summer and what BMT would be like, and what photos we would capture, linen exchange would not have been at the top of the list.  If you are spending any time looking at our USAFA BCT WebGuy coverage for the Class of 2024, you see the obstacle course and action shots.  Cool stuff for the scrap book.  Well, next year that will be you.  This year, it's linen exchange. 

Here's what we have learned from 17 summers of WebGuy.  The action shots are great, but what you really want is to see that they are doing ok.  Whatever they are doing, as long as you see that they are ok.  With that in mind, on this Saturday morning, I offer you the weekly exchange of linen.  

This activity may be a new experience for many of your basics.  The Priors know all about it from their enlisted BMT, but for the rest it even comes without fitted sheets.  Certainly something you don't see every day.   Fair warning, they're in masks again, as we know the masks don't help in finding anyone!  Let's see how good you are at recognizing ears.  This might be time to use the "find their friend" technique I expained a couple of blogs ago.  Also, it didn't help that the Freshpack Produce guy decided to make a delivery right when Bravo was getting their linen.  If you don't see your kid, blame them.


So, basically how linen exchange works is they bring their old bed linen and exchange it for clean.  Pretty straight forward.  Except this year,  due to COVID, I think all of their used linen is collected and clean is distributed.  What they appear to be getting here are clean blankets.  I guess we should call this "Blanket Pick-up".  Oh well.  It's still a photo opportunity.

Here are a few photos.



I also want to give a WebGuy "Shout-out" to Mr. Lou Moya (pictured in the background below in the photo on the left).  Mr. Moya is one of the heros of the Prep School.  He runs the High Country Inn Dining Facility (DFAC).  He feeds your kids three times a day, every day.   One of the many special benefits of being a Preppie are the  birthday dinners that he and the dining facility staff put on each month for the cadet candidates.  Instead of the normal cafeteria style meal, the cadet candidates with birthdays in that month are served a sit-down meal on china with a choice of menu.  Just one of the examples of why the Prep School is a special place.


The photos are up in the Basic Military Training Gallery.  Newest to Oldest.  

Tomorrow is Sunday.  For those who have asked, there will be church services available for all denominations.  We will not have any photo coverage.  I will be back with a blog entry and a preview of what's ahead in the coming week.  

Enjoy your weekend.  Be safe out there!