Prep School Graduation Video & BMT Portraits

Happy Monday Families,

By now you should all have heard from your preppie.  I hope everyone's anxiety is a bit lower now.  As promised, here is the full BMT graduation video.  Hope you enjoy it.  In addition, the BMT portraits are also now uploaded for your viewing pleasure. These were taken on the first full day of BMT, so if some look a bit shell shocked, they probably were.  We took two poses of each.  One with their hat on and one with hat off.  Once you download the photos they are all high resolution, so can be enlarged.   As a reminder, these photos are in their own album, BMT PORTRAITS.   There will be no more new photos in the BMT Photos album.  Going forward we will tell you where to find the new content, so be sure to check back for blog updates.  They will always have links to the correct album.

Ok.  That's it for now.  It's time for Math, Science, & English!   Enjoy the video and the rest of your week!