Prep PFT Final

Good Evening Families!

It's Thursday, July 30th!  You know what that means!  I'm sure you have been counting the days.  No more colored hats after tomorrow.  How will you ever find them in our photos? LOL.

After tomorrow's graduation coverage there will be no more new photos going into the Basic Military Training album.  As the year progresses we will be adding new albums by subject to make your photo search easier.  By the end of the year the page will look like this.

By now, you probably know that the THE PFT PICTURES ARE UP! Here are a few samples.

Tomorrow we will have photo coverage of the BMT Graduation events.  I cannot speak for the Prep School, but WebGuy will NOT be live streaming.  You will be able to see a video of the concluding ceremony right here tomorrow evening, however. 

I am sure that you are all hoping to hear from your preppie tomorrow and are assuming they will get their phones back at the conclusion of BMT.  Here is a word of caution based on long experience.  Please be flexible and remember that nothing of this type is ever cast in concrete.  Phone access is a privlege, which can be easily revoked for many reasons.  The Preps will get a full briefing about what they can and cannot do.  Please do yourself and them a favor and respect the rules as they are announced.  Do your part and encourage your Preppie to do the same.

BMT coverage is almost at an end.  Our coverage during the academic year will continue, but it will be different than BMT, especially this year.  What it will look like will depend on the circumstances presented by the pandemic.  As the prep school adjusts, so will we.  Just don't think you are finished "WebGuying".    You'll just be visiting us a bit more casually.  I will tell you more about all of that in my blog tomorrow evening.

Ok, that's it for me for this entry.  Check back tomorrow for more graduation event coverage.  Have a great evening!