Monday Drill Practice

Happy Monday!

We have lots of pictures for you today.  All three squadrons were out on the drill pad (parking lot) today under the watchful eyes of the cadet cadre and the MTIs (Military Training Instructors).  Since the pandemic prevented ROTC cadets from joing the USAFA cadets as cadre, the MTIs have augmented the training staff.  Anyone out there who has gone through enlisted BMT will recognize those hats.  Enjoy the photos.  Even with the masks on, we can tell they are getting more comfortable in their environment.  Their marching is improving.



As I mentioned yesterday, today is the first of three identical training days.  By that I mean that each squadron will rotate through briefings, uniform fittings, and working on their security clearances.  Because each activity takes quite a bit of time due to social distancing requirements, a day for each squadron is dedicated to that activity.  For example, one day Alpha squadron will spend most of the day working on filling out their security clearance paperwork, while Bravo is going through briefings and getting fitted for their uniforms.  At the same time  Charlie will be getting processed for their military IDs.    The next two days the squadrons will switch.   The good news for you parents is that some of the members of the squadron working on their clearances may be calling home for additional info.  Make sure that you answer the phone over the next three days, even if you don't recognize the number.

For obvious reasons we won't be covering the security lab, but our plan is to cover the squadron getting fitted for their uniforms each day.  Check back here and on Facebook for an update.

That's it for now!