Prep School Drill Competition

During the competition, the Cadet Candidates exemplified excellence by conducting stationary and transitory drills.  

The competition was graded by the leadership and Military Training Instructors (MTIs) of the Prep School. The drill teams and drills they executed were graded precisely by these MTIs. 

They looked for sharpness, bearing, and professionalism. Points are deducted for mistakes. They must all do the same basic elements.


The winner of the Drill Competition was the Bravo Squadron. Congratulations to Bravo! WebGuy looks forward to covering the final days of Prep School BMT and the graduation parade on July 28. 

Go to, CLASSES > PREP SCHOOL > BASIC MILITARY TRAINING. Set your sort order to OLDEST to NEWEST. Photos begin on page 172.

You can also click the link below to access photos:

Prep School Drill Competition