Last Morning Prep PT

Happy Tuesday!

One day closer to Graduation.  Although the PFT is still to come, this was the last regular morning PT coverage for BMT.  You won't be disappointed either.  I think we got just about everyone available doing something.

I particularly like these photos.  They looked  kind of like Yoga poses, so I looked it up.  They are acually doing the Vrikshasana.  It's a type of yoga commonly known as the tree pose.The word ‘Vriksha’ in Sanskrit when translated to English means tree. You heard it here first folks! Preppie Yoga!!

Here is a sampling of photos from the morning.

And while we're talking about poses.  There is something familiar about this last pose.  Hmmm.


On that note I will close.  Enjoy all the photos from today. Here's thje link to find them.  PHOTOS.  Back with more tomorrow.