2020 Prep Graduation Event

Now that everyone is back in the Wing, it's time to host a 2020 Prep School Graduation event to celebrate the accomplishments of your 2020 Cadet Candidates.

Due to Covid-19, Prep School CC's were unable to have a Graduation Ceremony during the normal time in May.  The Prep School Class of 2020 is now in the USAFA Class of 2024 and they have just completed BCT and have been accepted into the Cadet Wing.  The Prep School had an opportunity this week to host a Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2020 acknowledging all of their achievements and to recognize Award winners in Academics and Athletics.  There was a slide showing some highlights of the year. C2C Payton who was a previous Prep School Graduate gave a motivational speech at the end of the ceremony.  Some of the highlighted points  were: "It is not where you start, but where you finish" "Never give up! Overcome the challenges that come your way." "No one succeeds alone, you are more than just yourself. Always support each other."  The ceremony concluded with remarks from the Prep School Commander Colonel Youderian.

The Award Winners are listed below.


2020 C/C Awards Winners:

Top C/C in Academics (overall):                                                            

Kayla Readon


Top C/C in English:

Conrad Elliot


Top C/C in Math:

Zachary Holder


Top C/C in Science:

Elijah LaTorraca


Most improved C/C (Q3-Q1 GPA delta):

Jeremiah Palaita


Top C/C in Athletics

Female - C/C Kayla Pilson

Male - C/C Wyatt Hendrickson


Top C/C in Athletics PFT/PE of the year

Female PFT/PE athlete of the year:  C/C Margaret Marlow

Male PFT/PE athlete of the year:  C/C Noah Blake


Top C/C in Military Training

Thomas Lickert


Top C/C in Character Development

Jeremiah Cronk


TOP C/C for 2020 Overall

Thomas Lickert



Capt David Alvarado


To view photos, go to Classes > Prep School >  Select 19-20 Academic Year > Graduation Week or click on the link below.

Prep Graduation 2020