Prep School Halloween Festivities

The Prep School had several activities for the Prep School CC's to participate in on Friday evening and Saturday.  There were several CC's that braved the colder evening on Friday to participate in games on the soccer field, costume contest and the movie "IT" being played on a large screen with popcorn and hot chocolate to snack on.  Cane's chicken was provided by the parents for the CC's which was a big hit and definitely the highlight of the evening!  



It was a beautiful Halloween day with perfect temperatures for outdoor activities. Saturday there was 'Trunk or Treat" in the parking lot which was a big hit and several CC's showed up in their costumes again for this event. Some of those who were handing out candy where throwing the candy and the CC's had to catch it in their bags. These CC's definitely earned those pieces of candy!  Down at the soccer field they had pumpkin painting and 'Chin-ups for donuts'.  Saturday night there was a scavenger hunt in the academic building and there were also several bowling time spots open for CC's to sign up for to enjoy some bowling with friends.



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