Prep Transition Day

Happy Monday Families!

Welcome to the academic year!  After daily blogging and photos, I wanted to let you down easy to the pace of the academic year.  As I mentioned on Saturday, these entries will be regular, but not daily. 

With classes beginning tomorrow, the CCs were briefed by the Prep School Dean, Lt Col Dobbs on the year ahead. 

Here are a few of his slides, which will give you some useful information about schedule and expectations for your C/Cs.

First, here is what their daily schedule will be during the academic year.

Here are the Academic Performance Guidelines.

The following two slides speak for themselves.

There were other slides in brief and you will likely see all of them on Parents Weekend.  The C/C's were allso introducted to their instructors in Math, Science, & English, and have already received homework in preparation for classes tomorrow. 

Tomorrow they will also receive a briefing from Admissions on the the way forward to an Academy Appointment.

After briefings from the English, Math departments, the final briefing of the morning was from science.  It was a practical demonstration of chemistry.  Below is the video.  (Wait for the ending, it's worth it.

By now most, if not all of you have received phone calls.  The C/Cs have their computers and email and now you are back in communication.  You will not be as dependent on this blog and the photos as you were the last 18 days.  We hope you will still make a habit to check back here regularly.  We are just getting started. 

Enjoy the video.  The Academic Year is off with a BANG!