Prep School Baccalaureate 2021

Prep School Class of 2021 held their Baccalaureate last night at the Community Center Chapel. Traditionally, a baccalaureate was a religious service held the Sunday before graduation, but in modern times it doesn't necessarily have a religious meaning. Most people think of it as attending a ceremony celebrating graduating seniors.  In many institutions of higher education the baccalaureate has evolved into a quieter, more reflective event that focuses on the students' personal growth and achievement.

Often held in a house of worship, the baccalaureate is a non-denominational spiritual service that allows for public school graduates to find spiritual meaning that aligns with their personal beliefs. By holding the ceremony in a house of worship, schools subtly encourage attendees and graduates to slow down, appreciate the moment, take it all in and let emotions come and go as they will.

The Baccalaureate was led by Chaplain Vincent and the invocation by Chaplain Barns.  Cadet Candidates Matthew Kunselman and JaDoria McClendon gave their reflections on this past year and words of wisdom that they learned that might help other CC's as they prepare for graduation.


Chaplain Barns was the guest speaker and he gave an inspirational speech on Hope.  He spoke of how we all need hope daily and without it, we can become lost. Hope is a valuable part of our lives and something we need to work on daily as it is easy to lose sight of it when daily struggles are present. 

The Cadet Candidates were presented with a Chapel coffee mug.  Chaplain Vincent is known for his coffee chats with CC's and it is something they all remember fondly participating in over this last year.  Inside was some chocolates.  But also a Chaple coin that has some meaning to it. There are two "Harvest" pennies.  This was the first coin to have "In God We Trust" on it.


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Prep School Baccalaureate 2021