Morning PT for Prep Teams


We finally have the photos available from the sports teams morning PT.  While NCAA guidelines during COVID are firm about practicing, the athletes from the prep sports teams still have their morning PT.  You families who have been patiently waiting for those pictures should be pleased.  Here is a sample. 

Since we were able to catch drill yesterday, these will be the only new photos for today.  We are processing the photos taken during yesterday's uniform fittings. It was Bravo up first, so you can expect those photos tomorrow, followed by Charlie on Thursday and finally Alpha on Friday.  I know you are all anxious to see your preps in something other than their PT clothes.  Soon enough.  The good news is that it has been hot, so they are probably more comfortable than they would normally be in their OCPs (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniforms.  

Lastly, this is a reminder for you to be sure and join the Prep School leadership on Thursday, 23 Jul at 1700 MST (5PM), for another Virtual Town Hall to discuss how far they've come in BMT.  Feel free to submit questions you may have via the Prep School Facebook Page in the comment section.  They will try to answer them fully before and during the livestream. 

 Ok.  Enjoy your day.  More to come.