Health Professions Opportunities

On Monday the C/C's were visited by several Staff members from up on the Hill. Specifically the Health Professions Advisor, Lt. Col. Amy Carpenter. One of the USAFA Dentists, Capt. Savage and Dr. Ruth German a Family Medicine Physician for the 10th Medical Group on the USAFA base.


Lt Col Carpenter talked to the C/C's about the available health pressions opportunities at USAFA, how many students can apply for each of the graduate programs after USAFA and what's required GPA wise to be able to major in each.



Capt Savage talked about his career, what led him to his decision to become a dentist and the types of opportunities he got as he continued his education within his health profession.


Finally, Dr. German took the stage and talked to the C/C's about her experience as a Cadet at the Academy and how she got to where she was today. Currently she is a Lt Col on Reserves for the Air Force and works as a civilian for the 10th Medical Group.

To view the rest of our glimpse into their Health Professions discussion go to; Classes - Prep School - Prep Academic Studies. Or click the link below.

Health Professions Opportunities