Prep School Sports Day

Saturday turned out to be cloudy with a slight breeze for the Prep School's Sports Day.  The day started off with a run that took them down past the gym quite a way,then back up around the athletic fields and returning to Black Field for the finish.  This race was a color run, where at the end of the race the cadet candidates were greeted with colored powered being tossed at them!  Families of Prep School staff came out as well and there was a color run for both adults and kids.  The families of the Prep School Staff and the Prep CC's remained on opposite sides of Black Field and did not mingle for Covid safety.



Later in the morning there were several sports activities for the CC's to participate in.  There was a Basketball dunking contest among the basketball players, outdoor volleyball games, outdoor basketball games and activities on Black Field.  The highlight of the morning and early afternoon was probably the food trucks that were in the parking lot by Black Fied giving the CC's a few more options for breakfast or lunch.





Following lunch several CC's headed down to the football field to watch the Prep School football scrimmage. It was a scrimmage amongst the Prep School football players which kept everyone busy due to a limited number of players on each side. During breaks in the game, there were contests for who could throw a football the farthest, who could kick a football from the stand the farthest and finally, who could punt the football the farthest.  These contests were definitely entertaining to watch!





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Prep School Run- Pg. 1  Run

Basketball Dunk Contest-Pg. 12  Dunking Contest

Black Field/Outdoor Basketball/ Outdoor Volleyball- Pg. 17  Outdoor Games

Football Scrimmage Pg. 23  Football