Life On The Hill

This week the Prep School had a visit from a group of C4C's at the Academy, not only are they currently freshman at USAFA but they are also Preppies from last years class.

C4C Zackary Divers, C4C Vernon Nazareno, C4C Matthew Vidican, C4C Randy Faulk, C4C Camron Condrad, C4C Derrick Dye, C4C Sokhalita Mam and C4C Adeola Adeboyejo.

Each of the Cadets talked about how their time at the Prep School has helped them so far at the Academy, how the current C/C's can prepare themselves for their transition to the hill with their academics, athletics and in general. And they also talked to the C/C's about how they felt they have each changed in the last year since graduating from the Prep School.


The Preppies were also able to ask questions of their own to the group.

"What is your favorite part about being up on the hill and at the Academy so far?"

C4C Nazareno's talked about how he enjoyed being a Cadet EMT, because he is currently the only 4 Degree who has that position and the opportunities he gives him during the academic year.

C4C Dye told the C/C's how he enjoyed meeting people and making new friends through the different activities he is involved in at the Academy.

C4C Adeboyejo shared that since he was 9 years old he has always wanted to fly, and how much he enjoyed getting to take a Soaring Airmanship class during his first semester here.


If you haven't already, we definitely encourage you to ask your Preppies what hearing from last years Prep Class was like and what they took away from it.


From our perspective it seemed to be a good talk and range of questions and answers between Preppies and each Squad was represented on stage by the visiting C4C's.

To view the rest of our glimpse into the Life On The Hill Segment go to, Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Life On The Hill