Prep School 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony

The multi colored lights and smoke made for a colorful and exciting 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony for the Prep School which  was held in Husky theater yesterday afternoon.

Joining the Prep CC's for the ceremony were:

USAFA Preparatory School Deputy Director: Mr. Joe Dague

Our Director of Training and Commandant: Lt Col Todd Blum

Representing our Dean of Academics: Mr. Will Rogers

Our Director of Athletics: Lt Col Kaipo McGuire

Our Superintendent: CMSgt Alonzo Watson

Our First Sergeant: MSgt Brandon Margle

To start the Ceremony, Ms. Angela Tocci, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Manager, presented the Teal Rope. A teal rope, worn around the shoulder of a CC's uniform, designates the training and volunteerism the CC has undergone to be able to assist peers in dealing with sexual assault. Teal rope members receive specialized training by the SAPRO staff and serve as a link between the CC's and Prep School Leadership. 

Teal Rope Leaders

Lauryn Mitchell     Elizabeth Canfield     Haley Biskup     Sarah Fischer     Ronnie Romero     Anderson Walkes     Taylor Kitakis     Rhianna Applegate     

Jordan Moore        Ashley Johnson



Others were recognized as Diversity and Inclusion Student Leaders

Haley Biskup       Nawin Bravo       Kirsten Cannon         Colin Chase         Ryiel Crumrine     Te'Anne Dailey     Mohamed El Askary     Caroline Friedrick

Daniel Grobe       Bridger Grothe    Ymonie Humphries    Jaylen Lipscomb  Darion Milner       Solei Montalvo     Tusa Owens     Mia Rodriguez     Martin Smith

Alexander Thue   Abriana Tillmon    Laityn Tippy    Carson Watkins     Elizabeth Zambrano

Each quarter awards are given in various areas such as Academics, Athletics, and Military training.  

The first award given was the Dean's Pin which is awarded to recognize Cadet Candidates for earning a cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA.  Representing the Dean for the award was Mr. Rogers, head of the English Department.

Alpha                              Bravo                                       Charlie

Ryan Molleman                Dany Asongkeng Tanefeu       John Busha

Kabir Rajpal                    Jevon Butler                             Laura De Leon

Mia Rodriguez                 Judith Go                                Bryce Leapart

Destiny Speltz                 Nathan Goethal                       Jordan Moore

Carson Yingling                Michael Gray                          Todd Oster

                                        Mackenzie Le                          Hunter Thomas

                                        Nimrod Nakar                          Jody Vandunk

                                        Zion Porter                             

                                        Maximo Roldan

                                        Joseph stellmach 


Next was the Military Pin which recognizes Cadet Candidates who excelled in military excellence.  Lt. Col Blum presented the Military Pin.

Alpha                           Bravo                             Charlie

Seth Hanenburg            Darion Milner                    Martin Smith

Sayge Berger                Tusajigwe Owens              Ryiel Crumrine

Philip Daigan                James Roberson                Ymonie Humphries

Elizabeth Canfield         Laityn Tippy                       Marcus Berrette

Ahma Sutherland           Malaika Ndifang                Francesca Domenico

Franz Abagat                 Macy Marks                       Christopher Esparza Gonzalez

Ashley Johnson


The Athletic Pin recognizes those Cadet Candidates that earned a PFT score of at least 400 and an AFT score of at least 250.  Lt. Col McGuire, Athletic Director, presented the pin.

Alpha                              Bravo                              Charlie

Courtney Davis                 Emily Adams                  Brenden Barnes

Malachi Greman                Gabriella Ciccone          Vincent Brady

Gabriella Hartley               Jamie Snyder                 Sarah Brown

Tucker Owens                                                         Finn Dallas

Charles Retzer                                                        Mitchell Gillem

Melanie Rook Moliner                                             Corbin Green

Bryce Shelton                                                          Gavin Gross

                                                                                Tylan Hines

                                                                                Jesus Lamas

                                                                                Seth Misukanis

                                                                                Oluwakorede Oyalami

                                                                               Steve Rasizzi


Next up was the Deputy Director's pin which was given out by Mr. Dague, USAF Prep School Deputy Director.  The Deputy Director's Pin recognizes Cadet Candidates who achieve outstanding performance in tow of the three mission elements (Academic, military and athletics).

Alpha                                                      Bravo                                                       Charlie

Nicholas Gierach-Military/Academic       Solei Montalvo-Military/Academic             Ymonie Humphries-Military/Athletic

Katelin Marin-Athletic/Academic             Aidan Corcoran-Military/Academic            Alejandro Tirado-Elias-Athletic/Academic

Rytis Petraitis-Athletic/Academic                                                                             Payton Wade-Athletic/Academic

Spencer Siefker-Athletic/Academic                                                                   

Sayge Berger-Military/Athletic

Katelin Marin-Athletic/Academic


The last pin was given out by Mr. Dague on behalf of the Prep School Commander Col. Youderian.  The Commander's Pin recognizes those Cadet Candidates who achieved outstanding performance in all three mission elements.

Charlie Squadron: Hunter Saenz

                           Alexander Thue


Next up were the Squadron Performance award streamers, which recognize the top flights in each category for Military, Athletic and Academic Performance.

Military Performance Top Flight: Charlie Squadron Alpha Flight

Athletic Performance Top Flight: Charlie Squadron Bravo Flight

Academic Performance Top Flight: Charlie Squadron Alpha Flight

Top Overall Squadron: Charlie Squadron

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