Commandant Of Cadets Visits The Prep School

This week the Commandant of the Cadets BGen Williams paid a visit to the C/C's at the Prep School. First he met with a selected group of C/C's to have lunch with and talk then afterwards the whole Prep School heard him speak at the Community Husky Theater.

C/C's also had the chance to ask him questions during this talk with them in the Theater. Below is a clip between one of the C/C's and BGen Williams.

The C/C's presented BGen Williams with a Prep School Commandant Coin with his Class year on it and in return he also provided the three C/C's seen below with Commandant Coins as well!


To view the rest of the pictures from the Commandant of Cadets visit go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Commandant of Cadets Visit