More Intramurals

Good Evening Families!

This is part two of my Monday blog.  The weather was better today and everyone got outside or in the gym for intramurals.  Even though we don't photo it, this is pretty much an every weekday occurrance.  I know some of you have been asking about wrestling.   Well, this is your lucky day.  In fact, I just saw a FB post thanking us for the wrestling photos while writing this, so I know some of you are already looking at the photos.

There were also lots of other sports going on as well all across the prep school venues including basketball, football, volleyball, kickball, and soccer.  There was even some track.   Here's a sample.

All those photos are up in the BMT gallery.  Enjoy the hunt.  This afternoon was Math & Science assessment testing.  After all the physical activity of the past couple of days, I bet it felt good to sit down for a while though.

There was one more activity this evening.  It was the Jody competition.  Who is Jody you ask?  Well, you will have tune in tomorrow morning to find out.

Till then, happy photo hunting.