Groundhog Day #3

Happy Friday Families! 

We made it through the last three days.  You can tell we were all desperate for photo content when the Official Prep School Facebook page was reposting our photos of linen exchange, lol.  The weekend will bring more photo opportunities.  We expect to have coverage both Saturday and Sunday.  It is late Friday night as I write this blog entry.  I know some of you have probably given up on photos for today, but we didn't.  It's past 10:30pm as I write this and the photos we took this evening are all up in the BMT gallery.  We got lots good photos.  Those who have wanted to some close-ups won't be disappointed.  Charlie flight got some extra motivational PT in addition to drill practice.  They were in pretty good spirits about it though.  All the squadrons are coming together.  You can see it on their faces and their interactions. 

I think the video below is a great way to close out the week.  It was totally spontaneous.  Made my night.  More to come tomorrow.