Life On The Hill - C4C's Talk To The Preppies

Recently the Prep School had a visit from a group of C4C's at the Academy, not only are they currently freshman at USAFA but they are also Preppies from last years Class.

C4C Amanda Berry, C4C Stefawn Perrin, C4C Kristen Roberts, C4C Patrick Connell, C4C Hunter Brown, C4C Stephen Rumsey, C4C Justin Bishop, C4C Jacques-Philippe Caliexte, C4C Andrew Duggan, C4C Graham Kennis, C4C Luke Nimmo and C4C Brendan Wood.

They talked about how their time at the Prep School has helped them so far at the Academy, what ways the current Prep class can prepare themselves for USAFA, how have they changed since last year, what is their motivation, and more. The Preppies were also able to ask questions of their own to the group.

We were able to get a picture of all of the Preppies who were able to attend the Life On The Hill Segment with the C4C's. If you haven't already, we definitely encourage you to ask your Preppies what hearing from last years Prep Class was like and what they took away from it.

From our perspective it seemed to be a very good talk between Preppies and each Squad was represented on stage by the visiting C4C's.

We will be stopping by the Prep School to catch each Academy class year talking with the Preppies so stayed tuned to more Life On The Hill!

To view the rest of our glimpse into the Life On The Hill Segment go to, Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Life On The Hill