First Prep Intramurals

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today's only photo opportunities come from intramurals.   After that it is briefings, briefings, and did I mention briefings?  There is so much to learn in such a short time.  18 days may seem like an eternity right now, but it is going to go by in a flash. 

This morning starting at 0530 was intramurals.  The intercollegiate athletes and walk-ons practiced with their teams in their various sports.   Since this was the first morning of intramurals, it took a while to get everyone organized.  This will not be the only time we cover this activity during BMT, so if we missed your basic (and I know we missed some), we will get them next time.   We never did find the wrestlers.   At USAFA everyone is an athlete however, so the rest of the basics broke into teams for intramurals as well.  The basics had their choice of kickball, basketball, or volleyball.   Here are some samples of the action.  We saw a lot of smiles this morning. 



The photos are up in the gallery.  If we missed your basic, be patient.  They are all here, I promise,  We will find them all (more than once).  Even the cameral shy ones. 

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow will be no new coverage.  There will be some new photos however.  We took some photos at a special ceremony for the prior enlisted appointees the day before I-Day.  We will have those for you to see as well as a special blog explaining the meaning of the ceremony and also a look ahead for the coming week of training.

So, enjoy the day, catch up on your photo downloads, write to your basic, and we'll be back here tomorrow.