Life On The Hill

Today the Prep School had a visit from a Cadet Panel consisting of three Cadets from the class of 2018 and one Cadet from the class of 2019.

Two of the Cadets on this week's Panel also started out as Preppies before going to the Academy.

C2C Lopez, C1C Bordenave, C1C Hartman, and C1C Edgington.

For this Life On The Hill segment, the Preppies got to hear about what to expect during BCT this coming summer and were also given tips and advice on how to handle situations that they may come across not only during Basic but as they go through each of their four years at the Academy.



If you haven't already, we definitely encourage you to ask your Preppies what hearing from these Cadets was like and what they took away from it. Especially after hearing about what to expect and the perspective of the Academy from three soon to be graduates and one 2nd Degree.

From our perspective it seemed to be a good talk all around and the Cadets were impressed and happy with the types of questions they were being asked as well as how many questions that the Preppies had for them. Afterwards, Preppies had the opportunity to talk more one-on-one with each of the Cadets who were on today's panel.



To view the rest of our glimpse into the Life On The Hill Segment go to, Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Life On The Hill