20th Anniversary of September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

The 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony took place on the Terrazzo and the newly rebuilt Air Garden and included guest speaker Gen Dickinson (USSPACECOM CC) , a wreath laying ceremony, playing of Taps, Retreat, a flyover of a 4-ship of A-10's, and a Fire Helmet and Baton Handoff.



The wreaths were placed in front of the 9/11 memorial. The memorial is made up of two granite slabs that represent the Twin Towers and sits on top of a five-sided foundation that represents the Pentagon. The memorial also incorporates an actual girder from the World Trade Center. The words, "World Trade Center," "The Pentagon" and "Shanksville, Pa." are engraved onto the memorial... Dedicated on September 9, 2011, as part of the Class of 1976's 35th reunion class giving project.


To finish out the Ceremony, 4 cadets are given a baton and fire helmet to begin the Remembrance Run which lasts until the next day. Every 15 minutes or so, new Cadets will take their place and continue this Remembrance run around the Terrazzo until Noon Meal Formation the next day. Below are the first runners. Hundreds of cadets (308 cadets) will take part in this 19 hour Remembrance Run.


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20th Anniversary of 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony pgs. 1-18   9/11 Remembrance Ceremony