Morning PT

This morning before the sun come up on USAFA. WebGuy was out already catching your basics! This morning was PT. This will happen throughout the summer however, today will be the only day we go out and catch it to give you an idea of what happens. Due to the changing daylight hours, as hard the team tried to get great pictures it was a challenge. So we may not have everyone, but you know what everyone did this morning at zero dark thirty!

Since we have never covered PT before and it involved everyone, we added it to the PFT/AFT gallery since we thought it was the most similar to those events. So to view we recommend going NEWEST to OLDEST.





You'll notice everyone has a red reflective belt. That has to do with morning safety as they went from the Cadet area to Stillman Field in the very dark hours of the morning! 

We will be back this evening!