Wings of Blue Seniors Jump onto Terrazzo

The Wings of Blue have a long-standing commitment to personal and organizational excellence as well as a storied history of success.  The Wings of Blue has both a demonstration team and a competition team. The demonstration team travels across the country to airshows, sporting events, and other venues to represent the Air Force in precision parachuting. Similarly, the competition team represents the Air Force by competing with teams from around the country in 6-way speed formations, 4-way relative work, 2-way free fly, and sport accurac




Each year there are approximately 50 Wings of Blue, 25 from the 2nd and 1st class years. This year's Seniors had a different kind of year due to Covid.  They did not travel and compete as much as normal, but they did still teach the Jump 490 class.  The primary mission of the Wings of Blue is to run the Air Force’s Basic Freefall Parachuting course, known as Airmanship 490 (AM-490). Members of the team serve primarily as jumpmasters and instructors for this course, devoting most of their time to teaching students about parachuting and training them to make unassisted freefall skydives.



This past Thursday the Seniors did their final jump and treated cadets and staff to a demonstration jump onto the Terrazzo. 



After their aerial jump they headed to the fountains to do their Senior Fountain Jump, which is done after they have completed their last final. What a way to end their Wings of Blue and Academic career.  Congratulations Wings of Blue Seniors! 



To view photos, go to Galleries > Airmanship > Jump.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select your start page (347-353) or click on the link below.

Wings of Blue Senior Terrazzo Jump 2021