The March Out of Jacks Valley

Okay WebFamilies.

Thursday will be your Basics' last full day in Jacks and on Friday they March Out.

They'll be leaving Jacks around 7:30-8 A.M. heading out the West Gate, with arrival plans to the Cadet Area on the Tzo around 9:30-10 A.M. If you plan on watching the March Out, make sure you station yourself at one of the two overlooks on that road or up at the Chapel wall. Don't park down by the B52 because you won't see any Marching from that location. We will have photographers covering their March Out of Jacks until they reach the Academy grounds.

So if you see our photographers, say hi!

This will be the only thing we are covering on Friday. The rest of the day your Basics will be in transition. They will be moving out of the room they've had for all of BCT and moving into their room for their first Academic Year. 

North gate is opened for "Visitor" Hours from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. If you know someone who has a Military ID you can carpool with them onto the USAFA base before that time. Make sure you have a form of ID on you when you get to the gate.