CEP and Big Bad Basic

The Commandant’s Excellence Program recognizes excellence during BCT. After the ceremony, the cadets did a run from Stillman Field, down Parade Loop, past Clune Arena and back up to the Terrazzo. 

Best Squadron Winner: Guts 
The Top Flights from Each Squadron are Listed Below:
Aggressors - Charlie
Barbarians - Charlie
Cobras - Bravo
Demons - Alpha
Executioners - Bravo
Flying Tigers - Delta
Guts - Bravo
Hellcats - Bravo
Once the Basics returned to the Terrazzo, they competed in Big Bad Basic. Big Bad Basic is a USAFA tradition that typically happens at the end of BCT. It is a pugilist competition where the best of the best challenges each other. The winners for this year's Big Bad Basic are listed below:
Female - Hailey Tucker - Barbarians - Charlie
Male, light - Tucker Owens - Guts - Charlie 
Male, heavy - Terrence Gist - Demons - Echo 
To view photos from the CEP Ceremony, go to CLASSES > 2026 > BCT-1 > ALL. Photos begin on page 1235. 
To view photos from Big Bad Basic, go to CLASSES > 2026 > Big Bad Basic Day. Photos begin on page 1. 
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CEP and Run

Big Bad Basic