Tennessee Night

USAFA welcomed the Tennessee Parent Clubs this week with their 1st Annual Tennessee Night.

The First Annual TN Day hosted by the three parents clubs of Tennessee, East TN Parents, Middle TN and West TN. 

They served delicious Rocky Mountain BBQ, sweet tea, chips and Subway cookies.



Approximately 300 cadets enjoyed the food and country music.


They even had free give aways to include Hatch Prints from the Hatch Museum, Fall Creek Falls t-shirts, magnets from the TN Titans and much more.

The East TN Parents club was represented by Kathy Cagle (2021), Middle TN represented by Betty & Mark Moshea, President and Co-president (2019) with family from Denver who also came down to help out, Jennifer & Steve Goodpaster (2020), and Kevin Divers  (2021).

The TN Parents want to thank the USAF Academy Staff and Arnold Hall Facilities Mangaer for their assistance in making the event a great success.

We can't wait to see the TN Parents back again next year for their 2nd Annual Tennessee Night!

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1st Annual Tennessee Night!