Drill Aggressors and Barbarians

This past weekend Webguy was photographing Aggressors and Barbarians during their Drill practice. This should wrap up our coverage of Drill at least for a while as we shift our focus to other events coming up this week and then as BCT moves into Jacks Valley next week.  As stated before, each squadron is on the schedule for different events and there are events WebGuy will not be able to cover.  We will cover as much as we can, but not every squadron will be photographed each day.  Coverage of all squadrons usually evens out at the end of BCT.  

Since this is the second time around on Drill coverage, we won't be putting as much informative information on what Drill is in our blog. You can always click on a previous blog for the information.



This past weekend it was Aggressors and Barbarians squadrons that were out for Drill. There has been significant improvement in just a few days and they are all starting to look sharp while marching in formation, turning those corners with precision and perfecting their salute.



You can find today's drill photos under CLASSES > 2025 >BCT-1. Select your squadron.  At the top of the page, make sure your Sort Photos is set  OLDEST to NEWEST.   Select your start page. Or you can click the link below. * Sort Photos must be Oldest to Newest otherwise the link will not take you to the correct page.

Aggressors Drill Practice pgs. 47-61  Aggressors

Barbarains Drill Practice pgs. 58-73  Barbarians