March Back Information

Tomorrow is the March Back.  For those of you in the local area who want to cheer the Basics on, here is the info.

The viewing area location will be the same (Clune Arena) for the Jack’s Valley march back. The march will begin at 0900 from Jack’s Valley and they will arrive at the Terrazzo at approximately 1050. Road Closures affecting access to Clune Arena will be from 0930 to 1100.  Spectators should be in place by 0930 or they will not be able to get in.  Spectators will only be allowed to view from the sides of the road in the Eastern most parking lot of Clune Arena.

The North Gate will not open early so visitors without military IDs will have to come at 9am as there will be plenty of time for people to get in place since the road closes only as the formation gets closer which will likely be around 1000.   Spectators with DoD IDs are requested to show no earlier than 0800 in order to keep congestion down at North Gate.   Hope this helps in your planning,

Once the Basics get back to the Cadet Area tomorrow, there will be a private coin ceremony, then lunch and then they spend the rest of the day beginning the transition to Academics.   No time wasted.  Our coverage tomorrow will be the March Back. 

Some of you will ask, if you can expect phone calls, or if they will get their phones back.  Each squadron will have their own rules.  Some of you may get phone calls, and some of you won't.  The rest of the Cadet Wing will be returning at the same time, and since the Basics are still, well, Basics,  the rest of the wing who were not BCT Cadre are not allowed to interact with them.  The Basics will still have to be escorted everywhere until after the Acceptance Parade. 

Soon we will have a detailed blog entry about the Acceptance Parade.  Where to sit, what to wear, etc.  For those who have been asking, you will be able to spend time with your Cadets after the parade for about 2 hours.  

That’s all for now until this evening when we have the results from Big Bad Basic!