Academic Working Group Lunch

The Academic Working Group Staff Tower Lunch was held yesterday in Mitchell Hall. Brig. Gen. Armacost went around the tables and recognized each cadet with a certificate during the meal.



Academic Working Group Members:   C1C Sean Jolley (Wing Academic Officer), C2C Wing (Wing Academic NCO and Wing Tutoring CIC), C1C Sarah Kreiser (First Group Academic Officer), C2C Audrey Hornsby (First Group Academic NCO), C2C Makenzie Hockensmith (Second Group Academic NCO), C2C Erik Van Hegewald (Third Group Academic NCO), C1C Charlie Barton (Fourth Group Academic Officer), C2C Gordon McCulloh (Fourth Group Academic NCO and Scholars Program), C2C Riley Carson (Special Projects), C3C Matthew Vidican (2021 Class President), C4C Reginald Maffett (2022 Class President).

Not in attendance: C1C Riley Clarke (Second Group Academic Officer), C1C Kaitlyn Enright (Third Group Academic Officer), C2C Andrew Christensen (Science of Learning Commander), C1C Jake Saucedo (2019 Class President), C2C Graham Kennis (2020 Class President).

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Academic Working Group