Last Intramurals

Happy Thursday! We’re one day closer now to Doolie Day Out! Which means you should be getting some sort of contact from your Basic soon! More on that tomorrow. This morning was intramurals yet again, but it’s THE LAST one before Jacks! Pictures are in the Intramurals gallery, for today's make sure you sort newest to oldest! 

There we were a few play offs. Here are the results.

Flag Football: Barbarians v Demons: Barbarians won!

Ultimate Frisbee: Barbarians v. Fly Tigers: Barbarians won!

Volleyball: Demons v Guts: Demons won!

Flickerball: Cobras v Flying Tigers: Flying Tigers won!

Handball: Cobras v Guts: Cobras won!

Softball: Cobras v Flying Tigers: Flying Tigers won!

Soccer: Aggressors v. Executioners: Aggressors won!

Basketball: Aggressors v. Flying Tigers: Flying Tigers won!

We know a lot of you are wondering where your squadrons are and why we don’t have much individual coverage. This week leading up to Jacks they have a lot of drill and squadron time. Depending on other factors they’ll jump around on the schedule and we won’t get notified. We aren’t anticipating that anymore this week though. As they head out to Jacks, coverage will all even out!

Side note: Thanks for the treats that have been rolling in!