Blue Suit Ceremony

Today the Wings of Blue Parachute Team hosted their Blue Suit Ceremony to honor their graduating seniors and new Wings of Blue team members. This event is a celebration of graduating Wings of Blue members as well as the promotion of the Wings of Green Parachute Team to Wings of Blue.

During the ceremony, senior cadets received a plaque to honor their time on the team. As for the rising juniors they received their blue jumpsuits as well as their Jumpmaster/Instructor certificates! Also during the ceremony, there where multiple awards given out to seniors, see winners below.

Lt Gen Jay Kelly was the guest speaker for the event. He was the perfect guest speaker for the ceremony, seeing he is one of the founding members of the parachuting team here at the Academy. Hearing how they got their start to parachuting at USAFA was both terrifying and funny at the same time.

Graduating Seniors receiving their plaques.



Competitor of the Year - Cadet Rivera

Demonstrator of the Year - Cadet Tatum

Instructor of the Year - Cadet Lesar

Outstanding Cadet in Parachuting - Cadet McDaniel

Trujillo Award - Cadet Van Epps

After Lt Gen Kelly's speech, he was presented with a signed photo from the Cadets.


Wings of Green receiving their Blue jumpsuits.



Newest Wings of Blue members!

Class of 2019 Wings of Blue Members!

Congratulations to both the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2021! To view the rest of our photos of the ceremony, go to Galleries > Airmanship > Jump. Or click on the link below.

Blue Suit Ceremony