Friday Lite

Happy Friday Families!

Our editors are hard at it now that the photographers have returned with this afternoon's action.  As I mentioned in last night's blog, you Aggressors, Executioners, and Flying Tiger's parents should be pleased.  We know you have been patiently waiting.  The schedule was kind to you today.

Since the morning was taken up with more academic testing for the basics, some of our photographers spent their time at the USAFA airfield catching up with the upper class cadets who are taking jump, soaring, and powered flight.  Those photos will be up by tomorrow and I will have a blog about it in the morning for their parents. 

I also want to take a minute to say thanks for all the kind words we have received via email & Facebook.  Thanks also for the great reviews.  We know how important these photos are to you, and we hope that you will continue to follow this site once BCT is over and you can reconnect with your cadet.  The coverage doesn't stop at Acceptance Day.  We are just getting started.  These amazing cadets are involved in so many awesome things all year round, there is a lot to cover.

Here's a hint about tomorrow's BCT coverage...


P.S. I have to go to an Admissions event all day tomorrow, so there won't be much in the way of blogging.  That doesn't mean our photographers won't be hard at it.  Even if you don't hear from me, you can expect that tomorrow's photos will be up in the afternoon.   I'll be back in the saddle on Sunday with the Summary Sunday blog which will have VIDEO, along with a preview of what's to come next week.

Ok.  That's all I have for now.  Check back later this evening for this afternoon's photos. They will be sorted by squadron in the BCT-1 Gallery.